Keith Swift offers InterNACHI discount on Swift Inspetion Software.

It has been more than 4 years since I allowed Porter Valley Software to be sold to distance myself from a corrupt business partner. I’m really glad to be back with new software and a new company. Check out the software Of Course, InterNachi members get a great discount, just follow the link from Nick above.

Keith I did not see any report sample and the page which contains graphics is missing.

The only sample report available is for the Residential software, we haven’t finished all the pages on the site yet. We have twelve libraries, but they are not yet implemented. Coming in the next few days.

OKay just found the sample ,thanks.

On the sample the images are small,do they expand ?
Also noticed the table of contents at the top -does it hyperlink to the pertaining pages ?

Bob, The report is very similar in look to my old Inspectvue report (if you are familiar with it) The sample may take a while to load.

I have a buddy “Ed Bauman” that is a fan.

Pretty sure Tim Spargo uses inspectorvue as well but will not swear to it.

The images look smaller on the website than in reality, and Yes Tim is a user :slight_smile: The hyperlink is not yet, because it changes the color, but it in the works now.

And what will this do to the ole porter valley software that we currently use. I have been using pvs for a long time. What are your upgrades to it? Lets talk sometime.

Hey, Keith. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Last time I saw Keith, we picked up Russell Ray and went to an InterNACHI meeting in California.

Keith is coming to this event in Ontario, California next month:

I’m a speaker at that event. I hope to see you all there.

I remember that meeting!

Ontario sounds like it’s in Canada!

That’s a straight shot up I-15 for me. I’m going to be nearby this weekend, over in San Bernardino for Railroad Days. I’m hoping to catch a ride on the historic ATSF 3751 steam engine from Los Angeles to San Bernardino but I might be too late to get tickets.

100027 upload.jpg

Hey Keith, welcome back!! I hope you and your wife are doing well. It’ll be good to see you around again! See you next month in Ontario!

I saw the train a few weeks ago at the Pomona Fairplex. That thing is HUGE!

It’s actually a fairly small steam engine…lol

It’s based in Los Angeles and will be at San Bernardino this weekend and at L.A.'s Union Station for National Train Day on May 10.

Dr. Swift,

Heard great things about you over the years.

Q: Do I have to download the demo to see a sample report? I’m not finding it on your site.

Hi Russel,

Great to hear from you. We are doing great, hope you guys are well. Looking forward to catching up soon.

Thank you Billy.
You don’t have to download to see it. I think it takes a little time to open.

Nothing will happen to your current software. I designed InspectVue and started the whole thing, but because of a corrupt business partner allowed the company to be sold. I’ve sued them , so can’t say much right now. Call me if you’d like.