Kickout diverters needed with all claddings

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that sounds a little personal for the Message Board Carl but thanks for Sharing!!!

None of the roofers in my area know what a kick-out flashing is! I have asked a few of them, they say “a what?”

This is a very isolated area.

You can show them this.

Best one on the market! imo

very few used here either Ralph…why bother to learn something new just because it may be an improvement…no time to be messin with that …there’s beer to drink and shingles to nail…time’s a waisting

Here Carl;{BD1C99DA-A35D-4DED-AA39-4C587C600F79}/uploads/{5A6B13B4-5753-45ED-B911-71AE6300972C}.PDF

Look through these Carl. A lot of info on diverters.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Same here. State Licensed roofers asking “what the heck is a kick out flashing? I installed this to code (meaning the local AHJ codes)!”

I have had a few new constructions where they called be back because there was water in the walls. Sure enough, no Kick-out flashings and I called it out and the contractor told them it wasn’t necessary.

I just tell them, “well, I guess it is. Maybe you should install them.”

Hey, I call it out. From there, it’s between the client and the builder.


On those call backs what was the cladding?

Do you have any pictures?


Hi. Will, around here it is the same thing, residential contractors have never seen or heard of it or feel it is not required.

Look at this one on a house still under construction.


Where is the water going to go in this set up?


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that’s exactly how they’re done around here Marcel…why change something for the better if it takes more thinking…sad…jim

Experience has shown us all there is a better way…now all we have to do is convince them to be specific with the language (kick out diverter), field fabrication of said diverters, installation protocol and do the right thing on the homes being constructed…

We’re up to the challenge, just contact them for clarification

In Marcel’s example, the basic fault lies with the designer, not the roofer. I doubt that a little kick-out device would save that wall.

I’m telling you, designing by computer puts brains in neutral, and that’s how half of these things come into being. I can ride down the street and pick out buildings that were designed by computer; they stick out like sore thumbs. Their proportions are all wrong, their detailing reeks, and they often have serious errors of the kind Marcel illustrates. They look cold and lifeless, like the computer renderings of themselves. They have no soul.

Rant over.

In Marcel’s example, the basic fault lies with the designer, not the roofer. I doubt that a little kick-out device would save that wall.


This could not be farther from the truth. imo

Here are a couple of examples of kick-out flashing’s and one of damage that is starting to reveal itself due to no kick-out.

dryflekt kick out.JPG

step spacing.JPG

no kick out.JPG

Nice photos Mark, do you have anymore of them?

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thanks Marcel

I do have some more.

I have been in construction since I was 19
51 now and I have learned the most the last ten years when I went the direction of exterior renovation.
I will post a few more here but sometime I may start a thread showing what I find under seemingly small exterior stains when you open them up and look at what is causing them.

rotten rim.JPG

rotten rim.JPG

rotten rim.JPG

damage into stud cavity.JPG

repair 014.jpg

window leak.JPG

17june 031.jpg

Those are unbelieveable pictures to show causes and ramifications of improper flashing details.

You most certainly should start a thread of your own title for all to see and show the causes of these failures and maybe tell tale signs that might give us all clues for what to look for.

Thanks for sharing with us Mark.
Look forward to seeing some more.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Kick out flashing’s, step flashing’s and gutter’s, very rarely seen here in sunny Las Cruces. I have asked a couple roofers what their education is and they say learned it from good ole dad.