Kick-out Flashing. Please proof this new article.

Sure. Looks good.

I would also add that the bottom or back side of the kick-out should be sealed as should the drip-edge penetration at the stucco.

Here in FLorida the kickout is sometimes useless if the penetration isn’t sealed. Sometimes this is due to a drip edge that isn’t perfectly level, or the aerodynamics created by wind-driven rain.

“The need for kick-out flashing developed fairly recently”

The need has always been there when a roof tied into a wall like that. Old-timers made them up as needed. Noobs don’t have a clue.

It has surely been a recent development but from what I’ve seen as a…well…“noob”…The "old-timers here in my neck of the woods can’t tie their own shoes, and based on my observastions spent the majority of their time trying to figure out how many corners they could cut in one shift.

Innovation wasn’t in their tool box or their vocabulary.

Thanks for your input, Frank. It has been the same around here. Craftsmen they were and many “production” crews of today do not know about them (kick-out flashings or craftmen :D).

Please continue to post.