EIFS kick out flashing?

Anyone else think kick out diverts are necessary for these locations?

Note the exposed housewrap and bent copper and caulk joint, not good

If so help come up with an attractive (not butt ugly design) or link to prefabbed in matching copper would be my suggestion

Client wants help with this and I’m looking for solutions


Any copper roofing contractor can make anything they might want using their Flashing Break.

See that’s part of the problem is they nor I know what they want.

I was just wondering if somone had seen anything that just caught their eye.

$$$ aren’t going to be an issue, 7 figure house, as they are tearing off the comps and doing slate along with the EIFS repair advisements I have already given them


Hi Barry,

these may not be applicable to your clients application, but these are the best kick-outs available in my opinion.





You might have to get with the roofer and help them design one out of copper and charge your time to the owner.

As Gerry said we all know this one is the best for most applications.


Just do not use the same one that made the hood for the bay window they do not know about them or they would have installed them from the get go.

Maybe Bob Givens know of a copper one.



The house looks like the folks can afford to BUY one sample from http://www.dryflekt.com/ that would match their color. This may be the simple way to get to what they want fast.

Copper although nice and last almost forever, ends up with a patina that some folks later don’t like. I do allot of high end stuff here on the SC coast and have heard the copper doesn’t look as good as it once did a few times…food for thought.

Doubt I add much to this thread but your always so helpful to others I thought I would try.

I forgot the emoticon or whatever they’re called

I have the EIMA install guide, Dryflekt and numerous other links pre-embedded in my report comments whenever these situations are present. It makes for an easier client read and identification of my actual inspection versus the protocols and solutions I try and offer.

I’ll have client contact Bob

Thanks to all :mrgreen:

If the ? is are kickouts necessary …you know the answer…ABSOLUTLY. That whole bay window would be subject to water damage if it has not already occurred.


Bobs #



I’ll add to my phonebook, thanx

Just received a PM from an esteemed member offering to send me a sample diverter.

How cool is that? NACHI rocks! :cool:

The sad thing is Barry all claddings need diverters not just EIFS and Stucco.


Hey NACHI Inspectors,

Now look who is listening.

Bob Givens


Kudos to you.
Too bad you couldn’t get in a plug (link) for your product, but it’s a start. When’s the IPO? :wink:

Hi dont know if to late for a reply , Im retired rooftech. My suggestion is carefully remove shingles and flashing, the with a four inch diamond blade score the stucco straight as possible and remove the lower porching you scored care fully and with accurate prying ,pry the stucco lose,and slide the flashing behind the stucco. tou want to be atleast 3" up of the roof.Make a new kick out at the edge of roof,let it hang past the drip edge 1" and a flap fo 2"s and before you fasten the bottom edge of flashing you want a new starter, if you take your time the only debry youll have is stucco dust. Its a slow pitch so its needed , I would suggest gutter and daown spout

Hey mate received the post, thanx for these and all you do! :wink: :mrgreen: :cool:

Hi Barry,

This may help to explain why it’s important to have a funtional diverter flashing. If you do a repair and install it with the same out-dated methods
and materials, you cannot expect better results. It is important to have a kick out diverter at the roof eave to wall intersection, it’s more important that it funtions with the other components. This is the way to stop pre-mature building failures.

Flashing Products - Manufactured Roof and Pan Flashing Compo…
Pre-formed components such as drip edge, step flashing, kick-out diverters, and specialty pipe/chimney caps provide solutions that eliminate the guess work
www.toolbase.org/Technology-Inventory/Roofs/flas… - 39k -


Sto’s suggested shop-built kickout flashings:


Great advice.

We touch on the importants of kick out flashing in our recent episode on NachiTV http://www.nachi.tv/episode30 and agree that http://www.dryflekt.com/ is one of the better products.

http://www.dryflekt.com/ is one of the better products.


What are the others?