Kickout flashing

installed here?

I my opinion, yes.

Nice coping.(correct term is cap)
(yes sarcasm)
Chris that mortar should be capped IMO.
The brick ledge is being slammed .from behind the siding also.

Just so happens I had the same situation last month Chris.
Notice the caption I had on it.
The living room wall behind the brick was high moisture content and needs to be checked for mold.
(notice the cap)Terrible design.Must be the same architect.

I’ll agree. I’ll suggest both. The builders around here haven’t heard of weeps and flashing either. No weeps or flashing at windows, doors, or foundation.


What are you going to do about the wet and moldy wall on the inside?

New construction, hasn’t had time yet. I’ll give them your number for future reference. :wink:

Go ahead, I will have no problem telling the builder he is an idiot.

Yes would recommend proper kick-out flashing at bottom of cladding where it meets roof line… and what Bob said, also cap the brick with flashing to shed any water.

Great article Michael.

Yes just clicked on it.
Glad you pointed it out Nick.
I just wrote one for AR and know that is a great mix of text and graphics that took time to pull together. Jealous of the look.
Good job Michael.

Here’s a view of the brick ledge. Note flashing at siding. Just a matter of time before the damage is done.

Sure looks that way .
Not to let you beat me out ,did I show you the area just above my ledge?

Now you know why the Living Room wall has water intrusion.:slight_smile:
Architects must forget there is a thing called rain.

Don’t be a troll Bob.

It sure is.