What happens when kick-out flashing is missing

Here are photos from yesterday’s inspection. I always inform my client when kick-out flashing is missing and recommend a roofer install it. On homes with flexible siding like vinyl I always push on the wall to feel how solid the wall is. Yesterday the wall directly under the gutter had NO resistance. Someone has caulked around the end of the gutter, so someone was aware of a water issue. I popped out my handy vinyl siding tool and pulled up a section to find the OSB was total mush and the studs were rotted with some dry rot visible.


Good find…


Excellent find. Kinda looks like the silicone job was probably preventing further water intrusion now, but obviously that silicone was applied well after damage had occurred.
I too, constantly call out missing kick-out flashing.
BTW, I’d like to see an InterNACHI graphic showing kick-out flashing into a gutter which is the way it always is here.

Where is WRB? vinyl siding is not water proof by any stretch of an imagination.

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Will this work?

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Not sure, the rest of the house was wrapped with TyVek.

If the siding were flashed properly, The water would have been diverted out from behind the siding.
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It looks like three different caulk jobs, silicone, latex and black jack up along the j channel. I very seldom find kick-out or diverter flashing around here and call it out every time.