Kitchen counter receptacle needed?

To the left of kitchen sink? Technically yes, correct? Even though there’s really not a good place to put it?

Thanks in advance.


All countertops more than 12 inches wide and no more than 4 feet apart.
What about the right side you are not showing ?

Is there a outlet on the cabinet behind the backsplash ?

So, you are providing a ‘code’ inspection? My ‘safety’ inspection would never even mention (your) concern.

The answer is open to some interpretation, is this a peninsula or is it wall space?

Exactly, from a home inspectors point of view it doesn’t matter.

NEC says this:




What’s your safety inspection?

It’s a peninsula with an attached bar on the other side.

What’s that supposed to mean?

If it’s a peninsula then only one receptacle is required unless it’s divided into two separate spaces by an appliance or as in this case the sink then two are required.

The intent of an outlet, on the end of the counter top is to not to encourage the use of extension cords across the sink.

Code requires one there. But, you are not a code inspector. Say nothing. Moving on…

Means we are not doing a code inspection. Is there any danger due to the lack of outlets? Haven’t you ever inspected a bathroom or the exterior of a home and not even found 1 outlet? Is that up to today’s standards, NO! but we are there to do a home inspection, not a code compliance inspection. You could make note of it in your report as a possible inconvenience, but nothing more. I have seen laundry rooms without a dryer vent, without any gas or electric connection for dryer. Does that make it bad? NO! Just a pain.