Kitchen sink & outlets

Is there a specific requirement in NEC stating the minimum distance a counter outlet shoud be from a kitchen sink.


I think they forgot that one…

That is too close regardless of any code.

Makes me nervous just looking at it:shock:

I assume that the receptacle on the right is wired after the GFCI and that both halves of the duplex are protected.

NEC (2005) article 210.52 simply states that an outlet is “not required” behind the sink or range if the the dimension behind each is < 12".

An outlet “is required” within 24" of each side of the sink or range as they are considered separate countertop spaces.

Thanks for the info. I’m familiar with the requirement on the countertop, I just couldn’t find anything stating a specific distance requirement from the sink. NEC only states it’s “not required” behind the sink. The GFCI on the left is the only one on that circuit. There are two other GFCI’s in the kitchen on two separate circuits servicing the countertops. The outlet to the right is on one of those other circuits. Appears to me the GFI behind the sprayer was added as some kind of an “oops” and added after the fact.