Kitchen sink pump?

So full disclosure, it’s not my inspection, if this isn’t allowed on this forum just let me know. My contractor Buddy needs to install a drain pump under a kitchen sink, the drain line configuration is incorrect (slopes up) so it will not drain from gravity alone. I’m wondering if anyone is familiar with basement kitchen sink installs, is there a special pump for kitchen sinks to deal with food scraps or can he just go ahead and use a laundry sink pump? He’s trying to get this property done for his client who wants to flip, and he wants to make sure it will pass the home inspection without reconfiguring the whole drain line. This is a new one for me. And of course, I won’t be doing the inspection😜

I’d recommend you advise your contractor friend to consult with a plumber. Several choices based on fixtures, and installation skills are neccessary.


What Dominic said!

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Ma’am let me help you with that…

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I’ll pass that along, looks like that’s where he’s at. Thanks Dominic

Yessir, when in doubt find a way out…

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They are called sewage pumps aka ejector and have a plumber do the work.
There is grey water, black water and clear water. Kitchen sinks are black water.

That’s what I needed to know. Thanks Simon