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Greetings… For several years I have been working toward my second career… and now: The largest hurdle is behind me - passing the Texas Real Estate Commission Professional Real Estate Inspector examination! I’ve done extensive research, that is why I joined iNachi (and only iNachi). There are so many useful tools and discussion/resources of sound business principals - plus the ‘freebies’ - that it is mind boggling… really! I chose TexTrec Pro reporting software (George Wells) http://www.msibin.com/servlet/the-Inspection-Software/Categories ; I bought ($49-) Coffeecups Visual Site Designer to custom design my own website (never did it before)http://www.coffeecup.com/designer/; read, learned from - and incorporated many ideas and concepts from Nick Gromicko’s web design article http://www.nachi.org/brutal.htm, and the list goes on. I launched my website Sunday http://reliablehomeinspections.us and had my first call today!!! I truly look forward to being a productive participant of iNachi.

Welcome Eric

Okay everybody…all together now…**“Welcome Eric” !!! :smiley: **

Welcome Eric!
I’m a Native Texan and been to most parts of the state but have to ask, Where is Ponder?

ok. never mind. It’s north of DFW per Yahoo Maps.


OK, Eric. But what we are not interested in what you did yesterday. What did you do today? :mrgreen:

Just joking. Welcome to the motley crew, guy. Call me (see below) if you every need andy help.

Hope this helps;

Congrats Eric.

Welcome to InterNACHI Eric!

welcome dude.

Welcome to the asylum :smiley:

Thanks all for your kind greetings!!

I will tell you later, I need to think about it for awile first. :wink:

Welcome Eric

Congrats Eric!

What more can I say