Knoxville woman buys house, discovers mold in leaky basement

As usual there are multiple exterior cracks, cracked parging or possibly no parging on exterior of crawl walls AND on exterior of basement walls allowing water in basement and crawlspace and causing at least some of the mold and ONLY exterior waterproofing will repair, fix the problems, period! Sure, there are likely some above grade openings allowing some water in.

Sure, she should have found n hired a good Nachi home inspector, yep!

1:30 mark crawlspace, some mold, there are EXT cracks etc in crawl walls, yep

3:05 exterior corner crack ++

3:15 water on floor in basement, SEE the top of of the FIRST BLOCK UP OFF FLOOR?
That’s a long—exterior horizontal crack, pushed in a tad, water getting in along this as well, yep

3:20 Gene the mold inspector outsteps his boundaries, claims retaining wall is holding water/can’t get out and THAT is the problem lollll - There’s zero doubt most the problems are EXT cracks etc as mentioned previously and they’ve been there for a long time, did NOT recently occur as liars would tell ya

3:35 disclosure statement, lie

here’s what quite a few exterior corner cracks look like

here’s what some exterior long horizontal cracks look like when wall is pushed in a bit

and the installation of any interior drainage system would NOT stop further water from entering through the EXT cracks etc, would NOT stop-prevent further mold, nope.

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I bet somewhere along the line someone mis-informed her stating FHA will perform their own “inspection”. The Realtor could possibly be the source of this bad information considering the Realtor’s reaction.

From the article:
When she was first taken into the house, Goode said she asked the realtor what the smell was. The realtor said the place just needed to be aired out.

Photos in the FHA appraisal completed before Goode moved in

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