Kohler Choreograph wall panels

I am in desperate need of help. Please reply… Thank you…
I had kohler panels installed. Arrived at home and contractor had not installed the corner brackets. He caulked
He also did not install panels behind pan and it sat on top edge of pan. He caulked

Caulking is an issue. I have paid and paid to have re-caulked

My question is, can I have tile grout that will not mold used in the corners and bottom joint.

I have tile grout in small bathroom tiled shower and no issues. House is 50 yrs old.

Just thinking grout, if usable, might be the answer to a problem.

Thank you so very much for your quick response.

Kind regards,
Mama Jen

Hi. Jen,
Inside corners provide a more water tight installation of the product and is sealed with silicone sealant while installing.

Choreograph showers by Kohler:Accent reviews - Bing video

Grout will not stick or hold to those panels.
Color match silicone is what is used at the shower base. If done right, there should have been a sealant gap at the base to accomplish that.
Another video for you here;
Shower Wall Panel Installation - Standard Alcove - Kohler Choreograph - Bing video

Hope that helps you a bit.


Grout is not food for mold.
If you have moldy grout, it is caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells and/or soap scum.
Clean up.

always use mold resistant 100% silicone only find the stuff with a 35 year warranty or better. never use standard caulking, even the kitchen- bath stuff is junk.,

use painters tape to get good clean caulking lines. spray it with glass cleaner after you get a bead in the corners, and wipe with finger for a good clean look. remove tape. do not let silicone dry before you remove tape.

I was a handyman for 28 years, I’ve done hundreds of showers.

go with a dark color, as white always looks bad no matter what.

you can use siliconized grout I guess. But why waste the extra money on it.

Thank you for your extremely helpful reply

Thank you for your reply

Your welcome.