Tile shower installation against code?

Hello, my apologies if this is the wrong place for this post as I am new to the site. I’m hoping everyone here may be able to shed some light on some issues with a tile shower I recently had installed.The tile is floor to ceiling in a residential alcove shower. The installers used 1/2" CBU for the first 5’ up from the floor and left the previous paper-face gypsum board on the remaining portion of the shower walls and tiled over it. Also, the pan pre-slope that was installed does not meet the lower drain flange, leaving a low area around the flange that is causing the water flow to away from the drain and under the pan. I believe this is all incorrect. I’m an engineer but definitely not a tile expert. Is there a specific inspector certification or licensure I should inquire about when searching for someone to inspect the shower? Also, is there a forum or source of inspectors in the Indianapolis, IN area?

Thank you to all that may be able to help!!

Go here and find you a CMI inspector.

Thank you Roy!

Any pics?

I don’t think there is a code reference for ceramic tile.

Except I don’t believe drywall is acceptable anymore in a shower area (even green board). Now it must be hardiboard or wonderboard for the walls.

Correct Greg.

I’m pretty sure it was never ok but lots of people installed it.

cmi is a bought designation & in no way assures an inspector’s knowledge or competence in installation practices
code and numerous orgs specifically addresses shower/tile installation
quick google search here came up with

good luck in your quest finding a copetent inspector


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Neither regular or water-resistant gypsum board are suitable for use inside a shower. I cannot help with the pan question without seeing images.


John bridges has some excellent books/resources about tile installations. There should be a preslope so that water that gets into the pan is carried to the drain. I would not recommend the use of any drywall in a wet location like a shower. Cement board/Hardi backer is the preferred method, there is not a significant cost difference in the materials. Some pictures would help…

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