I'm Selling Crawlspace Creepers - Check em Out!

Hello everyone, I’ve designed a Crawlspace Creeper called the Crawlspace Ace. I built it out of necessity being an inspector myself and there wasn’t anything else available. I built it stronger and assemble each one personally and ship them out. The creeper allows you to roll through the crawlspace instead of sliding on your stomach and legs. A lot of work and time and material costs. Please check it out and purchase one if it interests you. Use coupon code interNachi471 to receive a $50.00 discount for interNachi members only. Stock is limited now but I’m assembling many more to come.
Any questions please contact me. Thank you


Hope you did your due diligence at the Patent office, as there are many others already out there (for at least a few years) that look almost identical to your design!!

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I built this stronger, 1/4 inch high grade aluminum, pneumatic wheels, 5/8 axle. I would of happily bought one but there wasn’t anything available. That’s why I built this. Looks similar but much stronger. I’m waiting on a large order of black pneumatic wheels. I can still complete orders but the wheels and tires will be a different color for now. If the color of the tires and wheels does not matter to you, let me know. Wheels will be as pictured below temporarily. First 2 orders get black wheels and tires.

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Nice, David!

Good luck with your creeper sales. :+1:


Welcome to our forum, David!..enjoy participating. :smiley:

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Thank you Larry, truly appreciated.

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Needs to be 6 inches wider with a dip or cut out in the middle for my fat belly to fit.


New way to pound your d*** in the dirt.


I make a 16.5 wide model also. I’m 6-8 and about 285 pounds so it works.

No without the Crawlspace Ace is the way to re pound it every crawlspace ongoing. :laughing:

At 6’ 8" 285 lbs, I would invest in a robot crawler. But I understand your point for support.

How much is the 5hp motor upgrade?


A lot of pest inspectors will want this tool also. No robot for them, they have to go in and inspect plus do repairs. Robot is useless when you have to do repairs

This resembles the Krawler from about two years ago.



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Yep but mine is stronger. 1/4 inch high grade aluminum, 5/8 axles, replaceable wheels and available for sale

Go for it! Hope you do well.


Thank you Thomas, I really appreciate that.


@dsheffer2 - If you want to sell some of these (and hope you do) you should make a demo video of it in use. All of my WA crawls are vapor barrier on soil, and I just do not see how that would work. Especially with uneven terrain, rocks, etc.