L.P Gas Water Heater

I have started my business less than a year ago and became a NACHI member. I really enjoy the amount of good information that NACHI members provide for each other.
What are the standards for a LP Gas Water Heater in a closet of a living quarters?

Brent Grover
Grover Home Inspection

Same as for a natural gas water heater. “Gas burners prohibited in bedroom and bathroom or area open to same except direct-vent appliances.” Recommend you go to Home Depot or online and buy the Code Check “Building” book at a minimum. For someone just starting out it is one of the best $17 you will ever spend. I do not run around quoting codes (you don’t have to) but it is one of the best baseline references you will find. It is simple, easy to follow and does not take up any room in your vehicle or desk. You can buy all the different Code Checks but I use the basic Building book regularly for quick reference. It has been a well recognized standard for many years.