Ladder humming on roof rack

A while back there was a discussion about how people have managed to stop the annoying humming when your ladder is on the roof of your van or truck. I can’t seem to find the thread anywhere. Does anyone have suggestions on how to stop the humming as you are driving down the road?


Sweet Home Alabama…“turn it up.”

Duct tape! A patch on each ear. :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally found this.

You could always put it on sideways…might make more than a hum… :slight_smile:

Plug the holes on each rung

If you are using the ~1" wide flat tie down straps for the ladder then they can also be a culprit as they act as a reed once the vehicle and wind speed build up. I’ve twisted those straps so that they are no longer flat but rather form somewhat of a tube before tightening them down and that’s eliminated them as part of the problem.

When you back up do you hear, “Paul is dead”?:stuck_out_tongue:


Bingo, Bingo! :wink:

Is that what they make Great Stuff expanding foam for?

Yeah, do not use DAP’s brand. It does not stick worth a flip and you will be leaving white foam balls all down the highway. We used it one time for the line set chase on an AC unit. Once it dried, turned on the AC and the circ fan sucked it right out of the pipe and it rolled around behind the filter grill until we removed it …POS. I love Great Stuff unless you get some on your fingers or clothing. It has to wear off your hands and looks like you have contracted some kind of really bad disease, on the clothes, forgetaboutit.

Lots of guys just fill the rung holes with great stuff

I’ve had this same problem for 15 years and finally spoke to my friend who is an engineer about it. I said there must be something we can make to stop the whistling noise. He took on the challenge and we created a ladder cap/plug to plug up the holes on the ladder.

After a year of prototypes and planning, we now have a product ready for purchase to solve this problem. For a small investment you can end that noise for the lifetime of your ladder! We’ve just launched this week and to celebrate we are offering free shipping within Australia. Just enter freeship23 into the coupon section of the checkout page to redeem.

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Ditto, but usually one twist per foot or two is sufficient. You must be driving faster than me. I keep to the speed limit. Too much crap going on in this state to mess around.

So who’s going to be the first to take the bait and click that link? :shock:

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Not me :wink:

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