Little Giant is damn noisy in transit....

Anybody have a solution for quieting down the springs in the stock Little Giant ladder? It’s in the car with me, and the springs just rattle the whole drive to and from. I’m hoping someone has found a permanent solution and not something that has to be applied every time you load/unload…tia

Ear plugs…:smiley:
They work every time…
Just Jokin’

Turn the radio up. Mine rattles too, but I got used to it.

Mine is positioned upward in a box with pool noodles strategically located to keep the rattling down.

I just pretend it is my wife and don’t hear it. :mrgreen:

I love you all!
I’m sorry I was the first, but I knew you guys would jump in…Yep!
The pool noodle part made me laugh …Yep!..

I’m sorry…but…

The flippin’ pool noodles were strategically located…
That right there is a classic…

Marcel…You ain’t no good…Nope! :slight_smile:

Ha!!! I am so glad I asked…thanks for all the creative answers. So is there not a “tool” area on the forum…oh ****. I just opened up another can of worms…thx all!

The “tools” are all over the forum.

That used to fix my car too…years ago.

I don’t have a little giant ladder, however, I have one of the multi folding ladders and it too is noisy. I take a folded towel and put it underneath the bottom and then take another towel and put it in between where the two pieces of the ladder make contact. That has stopped the god awful rattling!

Simple yet great idea!

I make sure they are strapped down, that quiets them and hopefully will keep them from shifting in case of an accident.

I concur. Great post, John. You’re the best!

Been using bungee cords to secure climbing gear/apparatus for decades.
You do not want a ladder hitting occupants or distracting you during unexpected maneuvers or sudden abrupt stops.

Marcel put his equipment in a manufactured box and lashes them down as well. Koodos Marcel.