Ladder safety please be careful

What happened? Did the bottom kick out, the wind blow it over, you leaned too far out…?

My only guess is that the locks were not open all the way, when I leaned back to talk to the client push/pulled it came down, the locks are gone now junk, it’s not new 20 year’s old, I can not get hung up on this , wish I still had my finger, it could have been worse, life goes on, just wanted to let inspectors know about being safe with ladders

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the bright side it only takes 2/5th the effort to let others know what ur thinkin’
best to u BT

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Thanks Bryan. Again, sorry about your finger.
I ran into an inspector in Feb. who had suffered a bad ladder fall. He couldn’t remember what had happened. That’s kinda typical.

  • Buy high quality ladders;
  • Keep them maintained;
  • Get rid of them when they approach the ends of their lives;
  • Don’t use damaged ladders

get well soon
빠른 쾌유를 빕니다.


Almost lost a finger as a teenager. It healed up, hope yours does as well.

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당신은 친절하고 아가이, 만나서 반가워요, 김.

당신의 친구, 래리 케이지


I don’t understand???

브라이언! Your name - Bryan - in Korean

빠른 쾌유를 빕니다 Good Luck - in Korean

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Thanks Robert, I do not speak any foreign language, I do appreciate seeing it and all the get wells,

I don’t speak any foreign languages either Bryan. I simply ‘googled’ it (cut and paste) with the word ‘translate’ after it. I’m sure Larry did the same in the opposite direction (English to Korean). Don’t be afraid to ask questions here, but don’t overlook Google for search for finding answers.

God speed on your mend, and good luck!

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Bob you are correct, why I didn’t look it up, well didn’t even cross my mind, I will try and be more resourceful, I have to during report writing as I’m new at Inspections making sure I am correct, I appreciate the information as I like a sponge and soaking all information, I can’t do Inspections now until my finger gets ahead of the game, so besides my day job, I am spending time learning more about mechanics of Inspections fun fun and I do really like inspecting so the more you know, sounds like a commercial

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Google Translate works like a charm, Bryan

Good time to get really good with your software, Bryan. Learn the fine points and get your formatting just the way you want it.
If you want to become certified to perform some ancillary inspections to broaden your business base, this is a good time to do it. Pools, radon, sewer scope, well and septic, fireplace/wood stove, and anything else that you might run into in your area. Also,

  • Work on your website;
  • Design your marketing plan;
  • Learn to operate a drone.
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At one time I spoke 4 languages and Kim is helping me with a little Korean…and Google does help.

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You learn those for military purposes, Larry?



Well, with Bob’s caricature, make that seven or eight languages. LOL

No, I just have an affinity for languages and blending in with the locals. I went to university in Switzerland, on scholarship, and thoroughly enjoyed moving a few hundred kilometers and being immersed in another world.

I was able to speak a language and within a day or two blend in like a Midwesterner blending into a state speaking like a black from Alabama or Georgia. I just have (had) an ear for it and it gave me great pleasure, too.


Articulating and telescoping ladders are for gamblers. I took a bad fall off of one when it folded up under me. That was all that I needed to learn my lesson.
Since then I only use step ladders and rigid extension ladders.


I apologize for the thread drift.