Ladder Safety

Folks, I thought I’d remind everyone to please be careful when using ladders, as we all do every day. I had an incident yesterday afternoon, where a step ladder I was using fell over. It happened in an instant and I landed on my right heel with all of my 190lbs, fracturing it. It was only a drop of about 30", but I will be out of commission for at least six weeks. I was boarding up a broken window, and should’ve had someone hold the ladder. Very pissed at myself as I’m usually very careful. Please don’t take any chances with your safety and have a Merry Christmas.

Thanks for the reminder sorry for you glad it was not worse .

Roy C

Brian was it your actual heel the round part? I did it 2 years ago and have been f-cked ever since. 3 surgeries and I will never be the same again. it ruined my physical life. pain everyday. My fall sounded very familiar. Were you decorating?

I wish you the best of luck and hope your story turns out way better than mine :slight_smile:

Yes, fractured the calcaneus. I was boarding up a broken window on a warehouse I do the property maintenance on. Time will tell. I’m waiting to see the orthopaedic doc still. It’s just scary because it happened so easily and in an instant.

Hope you do not need a cage and such. Most of the time they say when that fractures it is like popcorn.

Get good pain meds as I am sure you are in a hell of a lot of pain :frowning:

Good luck. Check out the i walk freely it is a thousand times better than crutches and you can carry things :slight_smile:

That stinks. I hope you have a better 2015.

Thanks Nick, I’ll take the course again. I have a feeling I’ll have plenty of time in the next couple months! :roll:

Hate to hear that, get well soon! Merry Christmas!

Sorry to hear about your fall.

Nobody should ever try to hold a ladder. The best they could do is stop the feet from sliding. Leaning a couple of inches at the top if a ladder is not acceptable. Nobody can hold 190 lbs with the leverage. Get a proper lift when needed.

Brian, I feel your pain brother. I fractured my left heel in a ladder accident June 2013. Had surgery to repair the damage and I was in a walking boot for four months, with three of those months being non weight bearing. I just had surgery again on Dec 1 to remove my subtular joint due to excessive arthritis build up. Your life will change as this type of injury is like no other. I would recommend you look into a device called the I-walk. Its a crutch that attaches to your leg so you can walk without crutches. I used it for the entire time I was in the boot and it was great. I started doing inspections again about three weeks after the injury with a helper. I wish you luck with your recovery.

Last week’s pic of my cyborg heel bone


Only 4 pins? I had nine and had to have two come out latter then the thing out latter. Best of luck to you but I think you are screwed like me.

How is the pain and swelling?

Good luck

Did you ever get the I walk?

I believe there are 8 pins/screws, hard to see the “front” ones in this view. I also had a bone graft, not sure how much of the heel bone is still original. It was in many pieces. Very little pain at this point thankfully, still some swelling and still have about 5 more weeks non weight-bearing. I didn’t end up getting the Iwalk, doing ok on crutches. I still can’t drive anyway with the air cast. There’s also literally 3 feet of snow on the ground here right now, so inspections would be exceedingly difficult even with the Iwalk crutch.

I was reading about the amount of impact force a fall has, since people are constantly surprised at how bad a fracture this was from falling just a few feet. There’s an equation involved, but basically because of velocity my 200 lbs turned into over 1600 lbs of force in my 3-4 foot fall. And since I landed with almost all of the weight on my right heel on concrete, it easily fractured.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you fair better than I. they had to take out pins then eventually the whole thing and almost every day after standing a lot or working alot the pain is pretty bad. Let me know if you are ever pain free. Finding shoes are very difficult to do now. When you get back to work consider bates cop boots with the side zipper so you can have the right one loos with the zipper. Sometimes on the way home I take them off. Now my knee is causing me greif again and just giving out often and I am wearing a brace. I busted my rear just taking out the trash last weekend. knee gave out I hopped back about 10 feet trying to catch myself before I ate it like a turtle on my back :slight_smile: Good thing I learned how to fall years ago in martial arts :slight_smile: