Ladder safety please be careful

Just want everyone to be careful with your ladders if not locked this could happen to you.

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That sucks you did not lose a finger did you?

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Sheared off as my safety protection was not clipped in

Like Scott said, that sux! What kind of ladder were you using? Extension, Extendable, Articulating? Brand?

I have a warner extension ladder has a rating of 350 pounds so its heavy and fast, I had just started the Inspection had to leave as finger was hanging off, the client well she was not impressed

Its sux as it was only my 6th Inspection

Well, I hope you heal fast and get back to it. :face_with_head_bandage:

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I will thanks for the support. AND BE CAREFUL

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You have to make sure the dogs are locked and the feet are set in the ground. :grinning:

You got that right

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Really Sorry Bryan. Would you please explain how it happened?

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Sorry about that Bryan, get well soon.

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Ouch! They couldn’t reattach it? Get well soon!

I set it up I turned to talk to my client then wamm it was over, client turned white, she did offer a ride to the hospital , drove myself I was a mess did not want to mess her car up as I was bleeding, had to throw my clothes away, sucks as it is August already doctor says 6 months before I can get back to normal

Hope you heal quickly without issue.

Godspeed in your healing, Bryan!

Bryan I hope your healing process is faster than 6 months. Best wishes for you.

Bryan’s injury is a reminder not to get distracted when doing an inspection. It is easy to do.


Good point I was thinking the same thing. Homeowners looking over your shoulder and conversations are happening. Before you know it you missed a step like possibly ensuring the ladder cleats were all engaged.


Thanks everyone, not looking for a bunch boo hoos, my point is be careful and pay attention