Be careful out there

I feel off of my ladder yesterday. Fortunately I didn’t break anything. But I am sore as hell this morning. I was going up on a roof and all of a sudden there were wasps flying all around my head. The next thing I knew I am rolling on the ground. I fell about 5 or 6 feet.

Mike I feel for you as my left heel is really sore this morning. I can’t imagine how it must of felt breaking it.

Disaster can strike in just a second. Be careful out there.

Greg that sucks I did my first inspection yesterday 1 roof. today 2 mits.

I hope you heal quickly. I would suggest you get it checked out. If it is fractured you do not want to delay treatment. I would also take whatever steps are needed so it it known that it happened during work encase you have to get workers comp. If you end up not able to walk contact me I have a device I could lend you to help. Luckily I do not need it now.

Best of luck to you, Heal quickly. I would hate to see another go $73,000 in debt due to a friggen ladder.

Glad you’re ok Greg. Thanks for the heads up. Would of never thought about wasp on the roof.

Ouch! Glad you’re OK. Take it easy for a day or so.

Glad you’re not more seriously hurt Greg. Take care and heal quickly.


Glad you’re alright, the exact same thing almost happened to me a few years ago, yellowjackets in an eave.

Glad you are ok Greg. Let us know if you need anything.

I know you’re having a good year, but we ain’t as young and easy to repair as we once was, glad you’re ok.

Happens soooo fast, every time. Glad you’re alright…

Thanks guys. I am doing better today. Yesterdays inspection was a little slow. It could have been much worse. The event has really changed the way I look at things.