Landscape Lighting

Do you test low voltage landscape lighting?

Nope. No low voltage checked.

Same here.

Only when I trip over and break them. I then Inspect them and say they’re defective:D


What does it stay in your standards of practice?

I do I inspect Landscape lighting systems and Landscape watering systems, it sets me apart from inspectors that do the bare minimum. My rule of thumb is if I would want to know about it then I document it and inform my clients.

For free?

I know that the Std of Practices says that we don’t inspect sprinkler systems or landscape lighting systems. I do not inspect landscape lighting at all but when I see sprinkler valves I take my flathead screwdriver and manually operate the valves. I then put in my report that I did not inspect the sprinkler heads but that the valves were operable. I don’t know why the Stds of Practice excludes 12 volt items but I have not yet come up with a good explanation as to why when the client asks this question in person. I have never been challenged when I say that I don’t inspect 12 volt systems but I would like to have a better answer than, “I just don’t do it”. Does anybody have a good answer ?

12v systems are not part of a homes primary electrical distribution system, and thusly are considered optional specialty systems. (Thermostats are part of the HVAC system, not the electrical system).
On that note… do you test doorbell systems, other than just pressing the button at the door? Why/why not?