laptop essntial ?

Okey dokey… I set my res to 2M… plenty. I can look at my pics later if I want. I’m not making posters, I’m taking pictures inside a house. I don’t need a 8 x 12 of a leaky faucet or cracks in a foundation. I’m not sure what res 2M is but I’m pretty sure it’s more than the native resolution of the monitor I work on or that the client is going to look at pics with.

More importantly, I try to identify and document defects as I go. I’ll use my finger or sometimes a pen to point something out. I can also really quickly edit in photoscape… it’s actually faster than internal report tools as you can kinda “batch” annotations/text if you choose. Just click thru the “tiles” and 5-10 mins later I’ve tackled 30 + pics if I needed to.

Photoscape, along with pre-saving comments for my reports (having items pre selected for a library you’ve created can make life easier) and illustrations has cut down report time for me.

BTW… did you ever try the PV software that I mentioned? :mrgreen: You never responded to me. :):):slight_smile:

I reduced my report time greatly by inserting all images and styles/materials on site. I use a Wi-Fi SD card, as I take images they are sent to the computer. Comments are written later.

Laptop is not needed if you are planning on using a handheld to collect your inspection data in the field and then print directly or bring the inspection report back to your desktop machine at the office.

For the office…it is more of a preference as to whether you want a big monitor or not. The one thing I have noticed in my office…since I have both…is that you can more easily move your monitor and keyboard around to have it more ergonomically correct with a desktop then a laptop…and the keyboard is more ergonomic also. My back can tell when I have used the laptop more then the desktop after a long day at the office.

Why would anyone use a desktop? I can’t think of any practical benefit whatsoever aside from being slightly cheaper.

Nice, very interesting

I know… John should “share” how he does this :stuck_out_tongue:

With one of these


Looks neat Chuck! And thanks for the Link! But… how would I sync photos I’ve taken as John describes as being in real time as pic is shot…

Maybe a software thing?

this is it Tim…:smiley:

Screen,screen ,screen.

Huh? It’s beneficial to plug your screen into a big box on the ground instead of a smaller box on your desk?

Really no reason except price, I attach my laptop to a large screen at home.

3D has a photo time sync. Sync computer and camera clock and 3D looks for any photo ± 2 minutes from picture to inspection input and shows them for you to pick. Quick helpful if you take lots of pictures


I have laptop,desktop and netbook.
Desktop has better choice of keyboard and that makes a big difference when typing all day.

Hooking up a laptop to a big screen is not a good experience as compared to simply using the screen attached.

Desktop also is more conducive to getting your work done as opposed to laying in bed or on the couch.

Desktops have more bang for the buck do not run low on battery.

Desktops are already hooked up to your printer and usually have two CD or DVD slots.

Desktops usually have more ports.

Desktops are better for multitasking due to the bigger amount of ram that most have.

Laptops are great road warriors and nice to take out to the deck but for serious down to it work ,the desktop is a much more seamless experience with out need to constantly unplug this and plug in that.
It is always right where you saw it last time and brings peace of mind that it is your prime IT center.

Bob’s got one great point, you don’t have to plug in two cords. :mrgreen:

If I am reading this post right,I think a wireless mouse is the first essential.
If you are asking is a laptop essential for being a HI.Yes to some and most.The reports software is installed and carried to the job.You have a PC at your fingertips,so to speak.Use nuance 10 with a microphone and no or little typing.
To me,yes essential.