This is for Dominic or anyone really:Laptop?

I am in the market for a laptop, I use Home Gauge software and do onsite reporting. I am looking for a powerful, rugged, long battery life, laptop or tablet to use for this. I need it to be able to run Office and do other things as well, what are the best options here? What about printing onsite?

Jason you have 1,000 options.
Hope you know Dom is HIP .

On site means having both laptop and tablet for speed.
No idea if HG has the proper merge features for that.

I know he is HIP, I have tried 2 in the last week to no avail, took them back, 1 was a ASUS, the other was a Sony VAIO with Win 8.1, Win 8.1 SUCKS!

The new windows is for touch screens.
Almost bought a all in one yesterday but cleaned my harddrive and bought a smart watch today instead.

Was looking into HP and Dell XP series simply because it is cool.

Jason hold your britches for a bit. Home Gauge states only 1 month left from what I hear where they will release on site version of their software to work on IPAD. I have a IPAD and love it.

Their mobile stuff still does not work on Apple products ?
So you been using HIP ?

Can I run Office on IPAD?

Good option for small business and report handling.


Try tap inspect for ipad/iphone I can do quality inspections straight from my phone or tablet, I use the lap top when I get home for recall and warranties.

I would give you an answer but then you would probably ***** about it.

Depends upon HOW you are using it on site. Are you talking using the laptop AS you are doing your inspection to collect the data ? For one thing…a laptop means you have a lap…which you do not have as you are walking around. Why do you need to run Office on it ? Why not have 2 different devices…the laptop stays in the kitchen and the other device is used to collect the data as you walk around. Trying to do both on a laptop in my opinion is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

Apple products stink, except for one: MacBook Air. Awesome piece of engineering.

I have run Home Gauge on a Dell Inspiron for the last 7 years. After getting tired of the security problems, crashes and usual crap associated with a PC, I picked up a MacBook Air yesterday. You can run any Windows software with Parallels, VM or Boot Camp. I had an issue with it this morning but I contacted Kristen at Home Gauge and she took control of my computer and has me good to go. No more PC for me…never again. Oh, and Home Gauge rocks!!!

I use Report Host and an ipad. I don’t do a lot of inspections yet but the ipad has not been a problem and the camera has been a great help for other things I do like instant reporting.

I use a Fujitsu T 4220. It’s not a new model but it works great for me. Bought it on ebay with win 7 for under $400.00
It has everything a laptop has but the screen folds back and you can enter data from any reporting system with a stylus. ( I use HIP)
Report is printed on site using a Sony Pixma printer.


Linas, PC’s and Mac’s are the EXACT same hardware. The only difference is the operating system. So if you’re running Windows on Boot Camp you ARE running a Windows machine! If you want a Mac, use Mac software!

Jason, I plan on purchasing the Surface Pro 3 that’s coming out this week. The i5 version is very reasonably priced. I’m going for the i7 though because I need the power!

i7 is way to go.
May get a new tower instead of the Dell all in one for the Tera bite storage and speed.
Hate waiting for loads.
Asus and HP seem pretty good.
Surface 3 looks interesting with the magnetic keyboard.