Any Recommendations On Hardware For Reports

I am currently converting over to computer generated reporting and wonder what people’s experiences have been with there hardware selection? I am thinking about either a laptop or a PDA, which one do you guys recommend. If you recommend one which specific models have worked for you. I only have enough money for one and want to make a good choice. I am fluent in PC’s but not with PDA’s. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

Evan Hughes

I use a Dell Inspiron 6000 lap top and love it…I suggest a really good printer, I spent the money and bought a Dell 5100cn color laser and love it, I only had to replace the black cartridge twice @ $50.00 ea. and the colors once @ 150.0 ea. all in one year, thats not bad for color laser and prints fast.

I can see a use for a PDA but I dont know about only using a PDA…I am thinking of usin a PDA in addition to my lap top to gather data while I actually perform the inspection.

Good luck.

A lot depends on which software package you use and how you operate. I used AHIT’s Inspect+ just because I like the way the report is formatted and that you can edit it with MS Word.

I didn’t like their PDA version of the software just because it operates differently from what I do in the field. I use my own version of a checklist where I break down the house to individual rooms and systems. I used to have everything in a 1" binder with about 56 pages.

Now, I have everything on a tablet with the checklist in PDF format. I use a little program called PDF Anonnator which allows me to write on the PDF file just like I was doing with the binder and paper.

The end result is that it works for me.

Sony has this:

Full Windows Vista. My oldest son has used it for two months without any problems.

All depends on how much $$ one has to spend

I couldn’t imagine using only a PDA. Start with a computer and add a PDA later when the money ROLLS in. But you can get by fine with just a PC to write the reports on and a voice recorder for note taking.