Large area drain boxes

FYI - If you have a large area drain on the property with a throat opening over 4 inches, you should IMO call it out as a child safety issue. Here are photos of one I had this week. The throat is 6 inches high. In urban areas, you can get these with child safety bars to prevent a child from crawling in or getting sucked in during a storm.IMG_8429 IMG_8430


I also report on culverts at the driveway and other areas within 100ft of the home. I use 100ft as it is the standard requirement for wildfire controls in most areas I’ve inspected and/or lived in, so I generally apply it to all conditions (within reason).

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Appreciate the heads up guys!

Yes they can be very tragic for kids…Yep! :stuck_out_tongue:


Good Info - Going to make sure I include all Openings like this in future reports.

And more so for us country folk… (no clownin’ around)…