P trap with more than 4 inch water seal

Can anyone tell me if this p trap being this tall is contributing to the sink producing large air bubbles when draining. Is this affecting the venting? Thanks!


Holy Schmoly!!! You’re lucky that thing drains at all!!! :shock::p:D

That’s a U-Trap. U dont no wat ur doin. :wha?:

With a disposal no less.
Thats a lot of water to push, especially with ground up food.

No wonder they like to squeeze that trap.


There’s lots of resources on plumbing out there, including the NACHI plumbing course. Here’s also a link that I’ve found useful. I don’t think it talks about U-traps but it does give a nice explanation on traps and diagrams of what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. I’ve put some the of verbiage they used on S-traps into my reports as those are common in my area. And since inappropriate trapping is a health concern, the Center for Disease Control is a solid resource to quote.