Large hole under manufactured home

I was under a manufactured home yesterday doing a pre-inspection for a friend. I got to the crawl space and found a large hole dig underneath. Roughly 5’x6’ wide and probably 5’ deep. There is full strip footings out of concrete not just small pods. On one side of the hole in the middle of the hole was a large chunk of concrete like a point load in one of the strip footings was a chunk of concrete roughly 2’ to the bottom of the concrete below the strip footing. Apparently the hole was from the previous owner as they had a small illegal grow operation under the house. I have no idea if they had a inspection before they bought it or not. I hope all that made sense I tried to make it as best I can.

How do you fix this? I assume it needs to be filled in and compacted with an engineered compaction. Any advice would be awesome. I can supply pictures tomorrow night I’m away from my camera right now.

No one here can answer that.
Have a foundation contractor review it (or photos) for repair suggestions, assuming it needs to be repaired.
A steel chassis supported by properly constructed piers (or another foundation type that adequately supports the entire frame) may or may not not be affected by a nearby hole.

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The property could have had a privet shallow well, and that is where the pump and pressure tank was located under the home.

Here we go again, haha! :slight_smile:

What do you mean, Under a manufactured home around here they have a pit for the pressure tank and well pump under the home. And they insulate it to keep it from freezing.

All we can do is speculate, haha! This time there’s no photos! :grinning:

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Finaly back to my camera, heres some pics

That is where the bear was hibernating :roll_eyes:

That mini-cave needs proper backfill/correction before tenants move in, it would be in big red letters in my report with verbal explanation to the client (buyer). The excavation had compromised the footings/foundation.

I agree with simon.
like everyone says its only speculation on what happened in the past. someone went to a lot of expense to pour the concrete and excavate the hole. Maybe to make a drive way there, like a pad to back the manufactured home into ? maybe a water pipe broke and caused it to settle under the concrete .
but someone put a 4x4 post there to support the structor, after the collapse. (no wonder they want to sell) needs to be filled in and tested by a contractor. good job on the inspection to spot this !!!