Exposed Under ground electrical cable

So, today I am inspecting a Manufactured home. I look down and the feed cable is about 1/2 above ground. I know it is a problem but the people really want a place to live cause they lost their house and want a cheap place to live.

Do I write it up or give them the “go ahead” to buy it since they really want it. I understand it is the Parks problem, but it would come back and bite the buyer in the ***…

Ken…are you a realtor?

Seriously. If you can’t answer this question you need to stop performing inspections and get some training before setting yourself loose on the unsuspecting public.

I guess I let my understanding for peoples plight get in my way. I did report it. but felt bad the park would retaliate and deny them access.

I think I knew the answer, but wanted some support for making them continue to live in a motel and drain their bank accout for what little they had left.

I do feel sad that we have to screw people dreams just to coa.


Are you a hearless bastard like Obama?

How quick to judge…
I bet you want to know what a shingle is.

Wow! And I’ve been thinking about signing-up again. :shock:

What??? What’d I say?

If we are to inspect a property and be unbiased in our decision by simply stating the facts of the condition of the property, and we do not offer the financing or finalization on the securement of a property then how can we give then the go ahead or approve/deny anyone to purchase a property.

I know its in human nature to get tied up in the issues of other people and to feel sorry for thier problems or situations. The best we can do is our job and that is to state the facts of each property that we inspect. Whatever the issues are after that are between the buyer/seller.

Lets say that you do not mention the fact that this cable is above ground and for some unknown reason it causes injury or death to a person or pet, then how would you feel that you allowed them to get the home they really wanted. They may not be aware that you knew the problem existed but you would know that you could have played a role in preventing a disaster.

Sounded good to me.