Large paper wasp nest in attic?

This nest if that is indeed what it is…I am open to any other ideas, was quite unusual. I have seen them the size of basketballs but not bushel baskets. Have anybody else seen anything like this?:shock:

936 Franklin Ave 062 (Small).jpg

It could be a bald faced hornets nest. They are sneaky like yellow jackets be careful.

I found this in a sunroom ceiling area a few weeks ago that the owners twin 3 year old girls used as a playroom.
Seller had it professionally removed the next day.



Good info Bruce and Charles! I was reading up on these types of nests and it would appear from the construction or design, that the picture I posted, is indeed from the yellow jacket. The nests can be several feet long. Interestingly enough that the color found in the cellulose fiber is from the paint on posts, fences and other soft wood surfaces.

looks like a Bald Face Hornet nest.
The nests typically get very large and the hornets are typically considered aggressive.
Here is a link for additional information:

Hope this helps and stay safe.

Yellow Jackets in the south live in-ground. I have never seen them any where else.

Did you see the bees?

Did you poke it with a stick?

Found one just today…a lot of activity.

don’t lick that…

I’ve seen Yellow Jackets make nests above ground. Rare, but they do. Had a nest of them on the back of a porch chair a few years ago. They swarmed my daughter. They were definitely yellow jackets.