What kind of bug leaves a mud streak like this?

We decided it could be mud wasps? I spotted a few mud wasp nests in the attic near the hatch, but this looks like serious bug traffic here. Any ideas?



Most likely a Bald Faced Hornets Nest…

I agree with Joe.

Looks like remnants of a hornets nest or paper wasp nest.

OK, there’s no remnants of a paper nest here, just the lump of mud and some cobwebs, and a hole going up into the soffit cavity.
Normal Mud wasps are solitary, so you’d never see a large nest. It’s a bit of a mystery. Maybe somebody torched a paper nest.

How about remnants of a bird nest… cliff or barn swallow. Would make more sense with the staining observed in the photo at the eave.

Unless it’s a problem… or a potential problem… and it doesn’t appear to be either… who cares?

There’s an entry hole there into the soffit cavity, It still could be mud waps, lots of 'em, smearing the wall on the way in, no big deal The buyer agreed to a pest inspection as its an older house, so it’s not my worry really. I just neeeed to knooooww :D.

I like the pics

It’s definitely remnants of a bees nest of some sort.

Good Pics.