Who's nest is this?


4 Boyd Crt 014 (Small).jpg

Looks like a mud dauber (wasp).

I agree More Info http://www.ipm.iastate.edu/ipm/iiin/bmuddaub.html

Roy Cooke

Thank you, James and Roy

Definitely mud dauber. I see them all the time here.

Never heard of a Mud dauber, and always though it was a hornet’s nest (not a wasp’s nest). Here’s a tale. I was standing at an open electrical panel and was approached and greeted by a female agent when a hornet buzzed us. She panicked and screamed, until I assured her that if we didn’t bother it, it surely wouldn’t bother us. In that instant, it landed on the tip of my very prominent nose. Trying to act like a manly man, and unable to eat my words, I casually brushed it away, but not before it stung me. My nose increased in size until I looked like a circus clown. Now, at least, I can correctly identify the beast.

See the link in post #3, Keith.

Hornets are also wasps; I think they are the largest of the wasps.

This can be very serious for some people .
My Grandson got stung and had a allergic reaction his throat started to swell and shut down his breathing .
Luckily my daughter was close to a hospital and they got him there in time .
He now carries a (Epi-Pen) with him all the time


Roy Cooke

My nose is quite prominant, and not to be sneezed at, and calling the beast that stung me a “Mud dauber” just doesn’t do justice to the tale. “Mud dauber” sounds quite innocent, whereas “Hornet” sounds vicious and nasty (a gutteral, aspirated end-stop, to be exact), and should get me the amount of sympathy that I deserve.

This is for Keith this might be new to him Enjoy.

Roy Cooke