Large Pit in Basement Floor

What was this hole in the basement floor with the seven pipes going into it. Home built in 1971 North of Denver.


maybe a Dry well? :grinning:

With all those pipes going into it or out of it, I have no idea. Was there any sign of the pipe ends outside?

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age of the build please.
Typically/usually in older construction, in my neck of the woods, the builder installed several water catch basins at various graduating levels to discharge soil or storm water to the lowest water catch basin that directs the water to a storm water system or to the sewer.

Deep Sump Pit with several entry and possibly exits points.
Might be gravity or mechanical discharge but I do not see a sump pump.
The cover/lid has been notched for plumbing.

Likely water table wanders through the soil and the builder insured flooding would be avoided.
Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks for the response Larry.

The ground is covered in snow, so not sure. The water table may be high there so it might be a collection pit used some time ago.
The home isn’t that old 1971.

It’s a bit of a stumper…

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Thanks for the input Robert.

I like it !!!

Actually smaller drain pipes interring the pit I predict.

Likely the building had basement and outdoor egress catch water drains, in poured concrete slabs, in front of below grade doors and exterior landings. Or garage entryways with drains in front of them.
Those drains likely emptied into the deep pit.

How big and old was the building Steven.

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The smaller pipes drain into the pit and the large pipe is a positive drain to a low spot on the property.

Thanks men!

House built in 1971. 1,800 square feet. Detached garage.

The house sits on low, flat land. So I think you called it.

The block foundation has freeze heaving. So probably has been inundated with water over the years.

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This pit is the yard? I inspected a home recently with a similar setup.

This is the name of the thread: Large Pit in Basement Floor

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