Largest inspection company explains California home inspector licensing in this video

If one is going to brag about being in business for 31 years, the spokesperson should at least be older than 31 years. Just sayin’.

Very nice.

Does the video mention their soft reports? No, I guess that’s their other video. It’s floating around youtube somewhere.

And no mention of selling off client’s information for all those “freebies.”

Your sure this video is about licensing and not just a plug for NT?

No kidding. And look and talk like a home inspector instead of a late night infomercial pitch man.

I thought the same thing.

Seems to be working his way back in.

Just sayin’… I so hate that term. Like fingernails on a chalkboard!!!


Hi Nick, would you say that offering all those warranties played a big part in their success and growing to be the largest home inspection firm in the world? If not, what did? I would have to think that even before they started, it was already in their business plan to become the largest inspection firm in the world. Would be very nice if someone did an interview with them.

Are any of them active on the forum? Is the spokesperson one of the owner? Would be very curious to learn about their payout structure.

Warranties used to be a great selling tool because both inspectors and agents alike could tell consumers “Don’t worry, you are getting a warranty.” But then one warranty company after another screwed over the consumer for years and now the consumer doesn’t believe warranties cover much if anything, and for the most part, their belief is well founded. changed all that. InterNACHI offers to buy back the entire home and we don’t screw over anyone. In fact, we use the agent that referred our inspector to buy the home back for us, so they get another commission. And then we use the same agent that referred our inspector to sell the home for us, so they get yet another commission. Agent after agent in North America is saying to their hesitant buyer “Look, buy this home, use (fill in the blank) Home Inspections, and if they miss anything and you want out, InterNACHI will buy your home back.”

It works.

It’s absolutely ludicrous to say that just by providing these “extra things” alone is going to get you referred. What gets them referred by agents is their “95 % closing rate”…period.
I would love to see INachi offer training/education on how an “ordinary” Home Inspector can “climb the ladder of success” by knowing how to “communicate” better, be a vital part of the sales team, and maximize their closing rate percentages, just like these guys.

Communicate better. Hmmm.

Stay off of the public part of InterNACHI, especially if you are going to denigrate people who want to buy a POS home for reasons which you are not privy to, or if you’re going to denigrate Realtors by calling them “used house salespersons” since Realtors refer home inspectors all the time, and NAR reported a couple of years ago that a whopping 84% of buyers use their Realtor-referred home inspector.

InterNACHI’s presence is significant in Google, and a simple Google search by the buyer or the Realtor on a home inspector often brings up InterNACHI posts, sometimes in the #1 position. If you’re in that post saying negative things about buyers, sellers, investors, Realtors, etc., I think you’re going to lose them immediately.

Or they’re in bed with them.

I sleep with my favorite Realtor!

Is she also married…?

I don’t know about “she” but “he” is! LOL