Laser Eye Surgery/Correction, had it done?

Hi all,

I’m strongly considering having corrective laser surgery and was wondering if any of you have had a procedure done to correct your vision and if you are happy with it.

Thanks in advance!


My son got it and he is now on his way to Columbus, MS for Air Force Pilot training. He is medically qualified to fly any plane the AF has.

My Wife did it 5 years ago. She now has 20/20 or better. You might want to consider what they call mono-vision, so that you won’t have to wear reading glasses.

Nachi string

Google has lots of posts

Thanks Roy!

I will not do it as many tell me about halos around lights at night and after so many years it begins to revert .
Not something to take lightly .
I have 3 pairs and going for 4 of progressives ordered from zenni. Com .
First prescription was this summer and at night enjoy taking them off but at l. east not risking permannt damage .

I did it about 17 yrs ago. Ive been very pleased. I am now at the point where I need bifocals some days but im 48 and that’s pretty normal. I don’t wear glasses at all unless driving at night. My eye sight is around 20/25-20/30. prior to Lazik, I was 20/70 or worse

So, you haven’t done it?

I had mine done about 10 years ago and it was an outstanding improvement. I may get my right eye tuned up again soon. My daughter-in-Law is a USAF eye doc and she had hers done. There are different procedures available, so you will want to send some time deciding what is the best procedure for you

I had it done 10 years ago at 49, wished I had done it sooner. Keep in mind after you reach 50+ you will probably need reading glasses as your eyes age.

There are no guarantees with any surgery.

Hell no for the reason I gave.

What happens when you heat flexible plastic ?
It becomes hard and I refuse to play with my eyes for cosmetic surgery which it is.

Glad guys are happy with it just like guys are happy with windows 10 but what about the percentage that it screws up ?

I am a Home Inspector so if I gamble with health safety I am a Hypocrite right ?

For those with presbyopia, the same Lasik procedure that grants distance vision also prompts the need for reading glasses. “They didn’t realize they were presbyopic to begin with, they were using their nearsightedness to read,” Ciccone says.

I eyes got worse when I quit smoking pot.
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Hey Joe, how’s the Florida hydro?

Consider your age, Your eyes changer as you age. My wife had it done 11 years ago, has to use glasses now to read, and has trouble with headlights at night, so I drive at night if we go anywhere.

Thanks for all the responses to date.
Randy from what I’ve been reading about the procedure, is that if you have it done after 50 then you probably won’t need reading glasses again.

But there is a lot of information out there and different procedures as well.

I’m going to go to at least 2 providers for consultations.
And I’m not looking for a $199.00 per eye special either.
If I do this I’ll want the best.

From what my eye doctor said (and he isn’t a fan) is like most everything you really do get what you paid for. He said if I remember correctly 3-5k per is the cheapest he would go.