Almost done for the month.

Finished today’s inspection, 3800 sq ft on 2 acres, with pond / fountain, caretakers cottage, detached garages and carport. 88 degrees and gorgeous sun. With well test, 2nd kitchen, and detached structures, the fee came to $1004.00.

Report should be done in a little while and then I am shutting it down until the 26th for laser cataract surgery. No insulation, mold or dirt in the new eye. May be on the message board, may not depending on how it feels.

As a reminder to all. This time of year you need to HYDRATE. 2 or 3 bottles of water per inspection at least. My attic was 142 degrees today, like a blast furnace.

See you all on the flip side. Hopefully a little clearer…:shock:

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Good luck

Here’s hoping for the best results for you, Stephen. :slight_smile:

I recall when my mother when for cataract surgery; one eye at time, don’t think it was laser thought.

She claimed she had new eyes with a clear vision after…


Best wishes for the surgery Stephen. Don’t rush back to work.

My Wife had it done. You’ll be fine the next day. You’ll love the hi-def.

Good news.

Up until about a year or two ago, there was no laser cataract surgery. It was done with a blade and that procedure still is common. You had a standard lens implanted and they usually put one for distance in one eye and for near vision in the other. The brain could interpolate the information and most vision was near normal with maybe a minor 1x over the counter magnifying glasses for reading.

Along came a newer type lens that would allow clearer vision for those with astigmatism. (oblong vs. round eye shape).

The laser developed even faster and changed some things. More precise and cleaner but the lens was still the same. The laser has now developed so they take a topographic computer reading of your eye and after the cataract is removed, the computer and laser make minor “cuts” in the eye so the astigmatism is removed.

They have now taken it a step further. The lens I am getting is built so it can actually be flexed by the brain so it accommodates both distance and near vision. When combined with the laser changes, it usually results in near perfect vision. Of course there are always the anomalies.

We will see. Thanks for the wishes.

The doc that invented laser vision correction is local here. He owns A LOT around town.

Good luck Steve. We should all be thankful for the rapid growth of modern medical technology.

Sounds like some nice bank Stephen, guess I’m not charging enough!
But hope all goes well with surgery and I’ll bet you’ll be astounded by the
change! :stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck and who knows… You may be able to throw away those cheaters!! Wouldn’t that be a blessing!! Let us know how it goes

Good Luck and enjoy the time off:D

After today’s attic, you can expect it… :shock: I was darn near burning my hands on the trusses as I worked my way through the attic. Finished off a full quart of Smart Water from the ice chest in the truck after that…

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Wishing you a successful & speedy recovery.

Let us know how it all works out for you.

Good luck Steve.
Yes you are right on it with hydration.
Thought I was a camel 6 years ago & ended up with a kidney stone.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Stephen!

good luck

Good luck Stephen.

A close friend of mine is having the same thing done with the new and improved lens.

A pricy upgrade but nice.

Prayers are with you, I’m sure it will be a success, enjoy your time off.