Slouching toward geezerhood

Well, it finally happened.

Glasses!! WTF!!? I’m an ex-Forward Observer and an instrument rated commercial pilot for crying out loud.

I had been noticing of late that my night vision was not quite what it had been so I headed off to the Scheie Eye Institute about a month ago for a complete eye exam – the kind where they dilate your pupils and then send you out into the bright sunshine so you can be blinded by the intensity of the light pouring on to your retinas.

Verdict: Right eye 20/25, Left eye 20/40. Now, I have no problem seeing in the daytime, so I figure I’ll only wear them at night if I’m driving. I got them about three weeks ago and only wore them both that day. I don’t really need the right one. And I wore the left one the other night when I went out with the boys in the ‘hood for our regular get together.

Pretty sweet. Only now I can’t read menus with the contact. Sant’ Anton!

So now, I have a ‘scrip’ for reading glasses for when I’m not wearing the one contact and a set of those drug store magnifiers for when I am.

This getting old blows and sucks.

Classic HeartQuotes Archive :frowning:

So how is your 40 time, geezer?:smiley:

I used to have 20/15 (never heard of 20/15 but the flight surgeon told me this) both eyes and did for many years. It was only after I let someone tell me (the same flight surgeon) I should be wearing reading glasses to keep from straining because my eyes would be tired at the end of the day. Small damn wonder, I was reading military message traffic and crap that had been copied several times and was blurry to begin with plus we had crappy (but expensive) fluorescent lighting. I recently found out you can exercise your eyes and restore them back to their original glory. Dr William H. Bates has a method and the exercises to use. I have been negligent to do them but my wife has and her eyesight has improved. He has a book that is laboriously difficult to read and he takes forever to get to the meat. His contention is that wearing the glasses actually does more harm than good. That straining the eye muscles is good for the eyes and keeps them fit. Makes sense since all our other muscles benefit from exercise. You can still find his book if you do a google search.

You need a calendar to clock me. As my softball teammate, Gerry Dugan, once opined when he nearly passed me on the base path following a bases-clearing double “Joe, you are the world’s slowest white man.”

I may also be the world’s whitest slow man.

That is funny Joe.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I still have a pretty good 3 yard burst myself.:wink:


I’ve had glasses since I was 13 or so. All the best Joe. :eek::eek:


Doug - Mike Schmidt had 20/15 and once I heard him say that he could pick up the rotation on the ball so he could tell whether it was a fast ball or a breaking ball. Ted Williams had 20/10 I once read. Tony Gwynn started wearing glasses when his vision ‘detiorated’ to 20/20.

I have heard that claim about exercises restoring vision and I definitely will look for it on the web.

BTW, did you see the Douglas Edwards clip on Katie Couric’s Evening News début?

LOL…no Joe I must have missed that. Katie isn’t on my list of things to watch. Old Doug used to make my life miserable though. Growing up everyone over the age of 15 used to always say “Douglas Edwards with the news” after meeting me and learning my name. I read where Katie’s first night was more like a 60 Minutes than a news program. I do not wish her any ill will but if she bombs the good ole boys in the front office will blame it all on her and never once think it just might be the biased, objective formatting controlled by them. I also read her second night had already slipped down some in the ratings. First night curiosity seekers. I hear she had old Walter Cramtight clip or introduction too. I may have to flip over to see what the fuss is all about. I never once watched her daytime show. Rather have my knee drained.

Getting old may blow and suck, but it sure beats the alternative!
Wait till you actually catch up with some of the rest of us. Been wearing tri-focals for fifteen years. Only one year away from Medicare. Can’t afford to retire (Oh well, don’t understand getting RE tired, I’m already tired. Don’t need to do it over again). Actually, the first line of this post is the only important one.

Been on SS for several years (my wife has a good health policy at her work so I don’t do Medicade–yet), and I’m not old.

I only wear glasses when I want to see–readers for what I’m diong now, and distance correction for when I’m driving (sometimes it helps to see the street signs).

My heart–nothing wrong there–my arteries are more solid now than ever before.

Who needs hair?—I have nothing to hide up there.

I move several hundred pounds of brick today (yard work, ya know) and I should be fine in two or three days—I bounce back real quick…

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go take my hourly medicine and apply the “Icy-Hot” pads---------------all over my body…

This has been being advertised as an old Japanese or Chinese technique. Something that we are stealing from the FarEast again.

Ah sooo.

Yes Doug, I have also heard that if you can exercise that part as well it prevents hemeroids :mrgreen:


yes getting old sucks. I need glasses to find my glasses. And then they are usually on top of my head. I have several pair of glasses…two for computer…a few for doing signs at various distances (high up…low…close…far…big … small) and contact lenses for when I don’t want to be a geek. Oh and I got most of them from Zenni optical online after having the eye exam from a local doctor. You can save big bucks and they arrive within a week.

I fyou figure out if you are right or left eye dominate, you wear the contact in that eye and you should be able to read the menu with the other one. I’ve been doing that for a couple years now. If I were both contacts I need readers to see anything closer than 3 feet. I tried a magnifying reader type lense in my left but my eyes struggle worse giving me a headache. The mono vision thing works pretty good once you get ued to it. If you hve trouble focusing, close the eye you don’t want to use for a moment and the other will focus and take over.

Heres your new Avatar Joe!! HA!!! just teasing ya!:mrgreen:


Logo King! :wink:

I have worn glasses since 4th grade, but yesterday was told I need bi-focals…