Laser Temp-Gun Infrared Thermometer

Does anyone have any reviews for these Laser Temp-Gun Infrared Thermometer



Do not even need to look .
If they are over $70 they work.

Beware the ones under $50.

Around here there are some stores that have them out in the aisles.
The cheap ones always suck.

Thanks bob, the Mill is 119.00 and the kline is 90 so either will be better than i have now

I seem to recall it has to do with diameter of the cone shaped beam or sender (not the lazer which is just a target helper) and the sensitivity band range such as accurate with in 10 degrees /5 degrees,etc.

Both have a 12 to 1 ratio i couldnt find a diagram of the cone beam

I bought the Klein model from the Home Depot a few years ago. I am a new inspector so I have only used it for a short time on inspections but it has been used for the last two years on a weekly basis on construction sites without fail. It has been dropped a time or two and is still going strong.

Hope this helps,

John Taylor

Not sure what I am using off hand but a few years here also.Will check later as it is packed outside.

I’ve used one or two of these in the last 8 years of inspecting,
and haven’t had any issues with them. They seem to be close enough
to determine what I need.

Oh Man Harbor Freight is my favorite toy store and I go there just to window shop often.
Buy stuff as well.
Had giant measuring tapes cheap that made great client gifts.

I’ve been using a cheapo from harbor freight to measure tempurture at register grills, works fine for that and seems to be consistant. I always compare the temperature btwn inlet and outlets.

They worked well for me now… $24.99

Yeah ,Need to check those out.
H.F is crazy on price.

Bought many tools at a fraction of normal that work fine.

There’s a reason that they are a fraction of the price. The cheap quality of what they sell is good enough for a homeowner who rarely does hands on stuff.


Bought a fantastic angle grinder that gets into tight spots that was not found anywhere else after an extensive search.

You gotta not be blind and check out what you are buying rather than picking blindly just like anywhere else.
By the way I paid about $12.95 for the thing and it is amazing as are some of the other tools I have purchased.

Gonna tell me to avoid the %75 off sandpaper cause it might be cheap? lol

Hell they have even let me take stuff out and plug it in to the wall outlet for testing…try that at Sears.:slight_smile:

I stand by my statement. There are no quality tools at Harbor Freight…


…and I wouldn’t go to Sears for tools either.


Bob is right on with “watch what you are buying”
I do that on everything I get there.
Harbor Freight does have some great deals on stuff tho…
Example: I needed some “casters” for my shop, so
Instead of spending big bucks on 3 or 4 inch casters,
I just bought a couple of these, and took the casters
off one of them,
and voila!
same casters for peanuts…

What HF carries is not name brand, and not always as high quality, but pick and choose and you can get some great tools.There is nothing wrong with saving a ton. EXample, WARNER 22’ adjustable ladder $125.00. HD $249.00 same ladder

Man oh man to above.

If I need to just impress someone i can always print a fake sticker and slap it on.
Heck Jeff thinks I am buying fake Rolex or something.
Jeff we are not all rich ya know…lol

Go ahead and keep paying $10 for that hamburger as it is your choice.

I’m not saying you have to be rich. You get what you pay for…I think we’ve preached that enough on this MB relating to our fees. Materials used/hardness of metal for the tools that HF sells is no where near quality of a decent toolbrand.
I don’t want to spend money on a screwdriver that’s going to tork when I tighten down a screw or buy a hammer that ends up with a warped claw when you drop it.

Go ahead and keep paying $10 for that hamburger as it is your choice
Were you using this same style of thinking when you dropped $600.00 on a camera?