last weeks 4point inspection

done a 4-point inspection last week, and got a call from the home owner’s insurance agent today. He said that in my report I had a comment on the report that said the outside ep box is for interior use only. I said yes the box is clearly labled for interior use only. Well any way the owner of the home had two licensed electricians come by and both of them told her that there is nothing wrong with the box.
Could have I made a mistake or what? Call me crazy but when the box clearly states “for interior use only” then it is for interior use only.

am I wright or wrong in saying that?

You may be running into the difference between a “wet” location and a “damp” location but in the Keys I doubt there is that much difference.
I certainly wouldn’t have any kind of steel box outside. The salt air will rust it out in a year.

there is no doubt that this location is a wet location. it is located on the left side elevation right under the drip edge of the roof.

I think I’d tell the insurance agent to do whatever he wants. The box is clearly labled for interior use only. You reported it. If he wants to take the word (hearsay) of the electricians (via the homeowner), then that’s his decision. You’ve done your job. Now it’s his call. It’s not my job to argue, just observe and report.

what kind of box was it?

If I remember correctly it was a Square D with mixed brakers, double tapped breakers, and much more.

As Mark stated, stand by your findings. You reported the findings, now the ball is in the insurance companies court. Let them decide what to do. It is not your job to remedy the situation. You just report the situation.

OH a “panelboard enclosure”. “box” confused me.
You are looking for “NEMA 3R” on the label somewhere, without that it goes in the house.

Robert, I wonder if the electricians have declared in writing that the installation is OK? In that case, you are off the hook :p, if not, stick to reporting what you saw on the label :p.

I called the home owner and told her that, if she can get it in writing from the electrician then we will be ok. No word as of now.

good advice.

Please define a 4 point inspection.

It is an inspection that is performed for a home owner that is trying to get home owner’s insurance on thier house. The inspection only covers electrical, HVAC, Roofing and plumbing. Most of the time the insurance agents request this type of inspection.

When I run up against someone who doesn’t agree with my inspection, I ask them to get the “contractor’s opinion” in writing, with license number and insurance certification.

If they do (and they hardly ever do), then I am free of all liability and home free.

Why is it that HIs are pretty much required to “put it in writing” when no one else seems to want to?

We’re just lucky, I guess :mrgreen:

Joe, this is a gee whiz site on 4 point inspections. It has a template at the bottom. This seems to be pretty superficial.

I’m sure you meant “she will be ok” :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have pics?

It’ll be interesting to know if the sparkys do write it down. It my behove you and your client if you ask the electrician what the significance of the “interior use only” is. You may also want to ask him what you should look for in determining proper placement.

Thanks Greg.

How would you explain this statement?


I am not sure how you decide how long any of this stuff will last. Sounds like a BS question

just spoke to the client, she said she had two more sparkies come out and they both said it was ok. Then she asked both of them “if I was your son or daughter what would you recommend and will you put it in writing?” both of their replies were “Change the panel and upgrade the service”… MMMM wonder why they would change their tune?:^o

Dollars and more

Once I tell someone something is alright and they keep pressing the issue then I ask myself if they are wanting to give me
Dollars. Dollars and more Dollars
So I then prusue that avenue, wouldn’t you.


If we could see what the installation looked like we could help more

my buisness partner has the pics I will see if I can get them.