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In my desire to do things, better, faster and more detailed I finally have finished my inspection trailer. This trailer goes on every inspection. It has 5 inspectors on the job and the reports are written on site and emailed. Ever think of completing a 3000 sq foot job with mold, Radon, termite, pool in 1.5 hours with report written? That is my goal and we can now deliver this. Even at 1.5 hours thats 7.5 man hours. We are very detailed and are always raising the bar.

We are now using this and besides working out some minor bugs…it has been AWESOME and getting better day by day






Mobile office, INTERNET, AC, Full head with shower, range, refrigerator, coffee maker…Can’t wait to decide on the next step.

Looks like there is enough room on the front for a BBQ grill.

DAMN…now your speaking my language!

Impressive. But honestly I can’t see how it’s cost effective to send out the swat team on a $300, 1200 SF slab home.

Now thats a nice trailer!
I would post a picture of the inside of mine but every time I open the doors crap starts falling out the doors. Good idea. Time to put mine back in shape.

I already have the Sprinter from NACHI TV #4…I think thats the episode. It has already been cost effective. Its not like we do one inspection per day. Its usually 5 or 6, and sometimes we get little $350 condos. We try to cater to the higher end people, but I turn no money away. This was thought out well before it went into production. But there is NOTHING more I love then “Ney” sayers…

One guys pulls up in his truck, gets out spends 3 hours on an inspection then goes home writes the report and it get to them the next sometimes the same day.

A group of 5 pull up, go to their areas, write their respective areas in their computer, send it to the main computer, compile the report and as I am going over the report…they are actually getting it via email.

I do not solely concentrate on money. If I concentrate on Quality first and then get it to them fast and deliver it in a detailed format that is easy to read and aesthetically pleasing…which would you hire? I know it will not be for everyone…but enough will use our services.

I do not decide what happens next in my company. THE CLIENTS DO! I listen to their wants and needs and work on delivering them. I am so absolutely sure that if you do this and always strive to provide a better service…the income will never be an issue and so far that has worked out well for me.

BTW the company has been around since 1980…its not like we are just throwing things into the wind and hope it sticks.

time for a vinyl wrap and thats one hell of a rig! NICE!

The whole concept is very impressive.
You have given me some thoughts for the coming years

Go Russell!

It is also a marketing tool which helps acquire more and more market share.

Every member should seek 100% market share. You should strive for total, undisputed dominance of your local market.

Exactly my plan.

Sweet. :smiley:
Awesome marketing tool. Nice job Russell.
I see the perfect spot for the kegerator. :wink:

Russell, I’m not slamming your business model. That’s what great about this country. But playing Devil’s Advocate, I could do 5 or 6 a day with 2-3 inspectors and no trailer. Disregarding the report completion time, who would make more money?

Russel -

Great marketing ploy for high end areas AND biggie houses.

But its NOT workable for most areas the rest of us work in.

To start with in my area of the country a 1,400sf rancher (3/2/2) with an unfinished basement / 6 years old is selling for $139,000 - $159,000.

The average inspection fee will be $250-$300 and 1/2 of the idiots will throw in a Termite inspection for that $$$

Your 4-5 guys will be falling all over each other in that size house. The client wanted to “tail” the inspector but has a whole herd present and can’t do that so feels cheated BECAUSE its so impersonal. In this market we’re seeing the seller or listing agent OR both stay around to OVERSEE the inspection AND they’re pissed that they’ve got a small army trooping through the house.

Then we get to the REAL DEAL. How do we pay 4-5 guys AND pay the company, the gas, the trailer payment, etc

I fully well understand the advantages to this on a 11,000 sf - 20,000 sf McMansion BUT many areas don’t have but very few of those.

Keep up the good work down there.

PS - By the way, how do you get that bemouth turned around on a narrow, dead-end street like we see very frequently up here. OR on a 1 lane drive with the house sitting back 200 yards from the street?

OR I tried to picture that puppy at the Lake of the Ozarks or down by Cassville on windy butt 1 lane gravel roads with no turn-arounds. Scared me.

The way we work it is that 4 guys actually inspect and I am the one who caters to the client, answers their questions or walks with them. You want personal treatment, how about a guy whos attention does not get interupted by have to “inspect”. Instead they get my undivided attention. They also ask what else do I do and I tell them that I am the QA QC guy. Once my people get done I can do a quick walk through certain areas and its more like 2 people inspecting certain areas instead of four.

Once again…many look at it from a point of view from how YOU can gain. I never look at it that way. I always look at how the CLIENT can gain…Money will come with that thought process. We people did a 1000 square house just 15 minutes ago. We do not step all over eath other, instead it a process of systems installed and implamented so that you are a fine running machine and come across as such.

The people said wow…we didn’t know a company like you exists…

People keeping inspecting the same way the did 20 years ago with a guy and a truck is what I am hoping for! Keep up the standard way of doing things…I LOVE IT.

It may not be for everyone, but keep doing what your doing and you will keep getting what you get.

Very nice, are you planning to add logos to the outside of the trailer?

How does the client deal with following 4, 5 inspectors?

It will be a graphic wrap. So far they love it. Perception is reality. They perceive they are getting more for their money and I think they are. So then would you rather pay $600 to one guy or $600 for 5 guys?

Once again as I said it is not me who dictates the direction of my business, it is my clients. I listen to their needs and wants and then try to provide it. Maybe what works here will not work in Ohio. Who knows. Just ask people what they would like better, they will tell you. We have gotten more people amazed at the process that we are getting way more referrals from people I never heard of. I am not saying my way will work for you, but it works for me. Once again doing the same thing over and over seldom leads to different results.

Well first of all can you keep them busy? Can you train them? What if one quits? What if something is missed? Do you look professional? What we do not agree on is that you think money first. You have mentioned it several times. I think quality and service first. How can afford to do that? Because it is what people cannot get. How many times have you spent good money and got poor service? Me, alot, makes me so mad. When someone gets ok service it feels exceptional because the quality of common professionalism has dropped so much.

When u say "you can do 5-6 a day’…report writing will take a while. Can you get 5-6 a day? It’s amazing what people think they can do, without
ever actually trying it. It’s not like you get 5-6 in the same neighborhood. Now that in mind you have a jammed day…one guy calls in sick, now what? You have travel time who covers for the missing guy? There are so many variables to quality and we have a great handle on them. If one thing gets out of whack we have a provisional plan in place for the most part.

Once again, we just thing different and it’s not devils advocate, it’s just ignorance. I am by no means calling you ignorant, but if you have not had 3-4 guys doing 6 inspections a day then you can only speculate on the outcome. Your guys will quit, miss stuff, be worn out after one month of that schedule. I know because I have been there and learned. It’s not about using your employees for all they are worth, it’s about treating them right, making them a contributing factor to your company and treating them and their needs with respect and consideration. You get into the multiple inspector firm…you begin to realize they are a valuable and costly asset. Keeping and paying people what they are worth and just letting them know you appreciate them goes a long way.

Unless you presently own a multiple inspection firm…then yuo are only speculating.

Russell, the rig is nice but the biz. model is nicer! I think quality combined with speed is a terrific idea. I could see both clients and agents signing on to this model.

I think the problem that most would have with this is with all of the overhead from a rig and inspectors is you have gone from wanting to do 5-6 a day to needing to do 5-6 a day. Currently, the multi firms in my area are letting guys go due to no sales. I think this could be the way to go when things pick up.

I face an issue in NJ that would need to be worked out. There are no “associate” inspectors allowed here. Everyone needs a license and a license needs E/O to be valid here. That means each inspector needs to be insured individually. That makes for one hell of an expensive inspection.

Just another hurdle to be worked out though.

James, do you now why so few do it? Because it is a PAIN IN THE BOOTIE…if it was easy and cheap everyone would do it. What makes companies succeed is that they are willing to do what other companies are not willing to do. If anyone needs advice…man I got it. Just send me a private message…I think I have a ton of bugs worked out. It is NOT EASY by any means, it is not cheap by any means.

I figured it up awhile back. I would have to drive about all my competition out of business to get a business model like Russell’s to work. My market just is not big enough.

Russell, I do not understand having a trailer and a Smart Truck. You can only use one at a time and I would think it would be easier to drive around the Smart truck instead of the trailer. What am I missing?