Law and Disorder - Sacramento, San Jose, May 28 - 29, 2008

I am doing the Law and Disorder Seminar in Sacramento and San Jose on May 28 and 29.

Watch video here.

Register here.

See you there.


Hi Joe:
Seeing as you’re going to be in California, where not one home inspector lawsuit made it to court in the last five years, invite inspectors to read my book Inspect & Protect, and tell them to to go to and join.
Good luck, and if you’re down in the LA area give me a buzz, and I’ll line up a seminar for you, ala Nick.

Keith -

Thanks. I have been recommending your book in the seminar, as well as your software.

I tell them that “everytime Keith hears of an issue that generated a lawsuit for a home inspector, he heads to the word processor and writes a disclaimer for it.”

Makes my life easier, too.



Cheers. Good luck with the seminar and thanks for offering it. God knows, it’s necessary.