Was LAW AND DISORDER really needed?

The same day Joe Ferry came to Toronto to give this Law and Disorder Seminar, another inspector was in court battling a suit.

The plaintiff had “pictures” and a lawyer. Basically they wanted money from the inspector. Inspection was done 15 months previous.
R has gone to try to help the plaintiff and show him where he had done a proper inspection and pointed out the items in his report.

In court the judge looked at all the items listed and compared it to the report and dismissed the entire claim.   He then advised the inspector he was awarding him $500 in costs from the plaintiff.    I wonder how the plaintiff will feel about that and even more how he will feel when he receives his lawyers bill???

Now if we had lawyers that would respond with the type of information that we received in Joe's course,  this may have saved everyone time and worry.

If you can get to one of Joe's courses,  get there fast.

And Joe was talking about getting this information to the lawyers for our insurance companies. WE need this and fast.

Congratulations to an inspector who did such a good job.

As you mentioned in an earlier post, over 200 hands went up then only about 23 showed up. Thats so unfortunate, this training in Law and the home inspector is not found to often out in the industry,most lawyers dont know how to represent home inspectors properly, Its to bad many more did not show up, they will be reminded of that if and when they are defending themselves one day in court “Wish i took that Law and Disorder course”
When CanNACHI enters into Canada early next year we will invite Joe to do another Training Session

Most law suits against inspectors are frivolous to begin with, so if we take in all we can learn from joe jerry, in his law and disorder course; we will be much more adequately armed to go into the courts, and do battle! I am very sorry to say i inadvertently missed joe’s class last wednesday, due to circumstances beyond my control, and i look forward with eager anticipation to the next opportunity to join in. Keep up the good work, joe!


The seminar cost $139!!! The inspector success seminar where 200 hands went up was free!!

“In case you are not aware, NACHI is notorious among vendors for how little its members are willing to actually pay for products and education. Outside of NACHI, however, there are inspectors who are paying for materials and training and are rewarding the good vendors with their business.” James Bushart

I rest my case!!

The seminar was 15 mins, this was 4 hours, big difference.
If you or anyone choose not to partake in education in the long run you will fail, fall behind or worse get pushed out due to your inability to preform what will then be the minimum standard inspection.
I would urge any inspector to get education as often as you can when presented in your area or ability to drive to.

And for the record it was so more indepth then the seminar, Brian you missed that one too, maybe you’ll make the next one

What does 4 hours of lawyers time cost out east, around here $139.00 for 4 hours with a lawyer specialized in home inspection is a bargain.:mrgreen:

Great statement! Definitely needed for those who are professionals, and want to survive!

And as Jerry said>>>  ***What does 4 hours of lawyers time cost out east, around here $139.00 for 4 hours with a lawyer specialized in home inspection is a bargain.***

Some great info for those that want to survive in this business.

With the $110.00 off next years membership the real cost is $39.00 USD:roll: