Law & Disorder

Dont miss it! :smiley:

Yesterday I had the pleasure of finally meeting Joe Ferry at the FL HOME & INSURANCE INSPECTORS chapter meeting in Sarasota where he presented his Law & Disorder seminar.

This was not your typical what-year-was-GFI-receptacles-required seminar, no on the contrary Joe presented a six point bullet-proof plan to reduce your liability and more importantly how to handle disputes.

If you are involved in a chapter I would recommend having Joe come out to do this seminar at your chapter location. If you are a home inspector you should spend some time out at Joe’s website.

Thanks again to Joe and all those who work to promote our profession.

Well said Joe, we can now agree on at least one thing.
Had fun chatting with you and the rest of the gang after the meeting.
Congratulations on being made VP in charge of education for the chapter.
Oh, by the way, hope you enjoyed the beer.

Any time spent
with Joe Ferry
is time well spent…
he is amazing…

THANK YOU Again for coming to our chapter meeting in Florida! Your seminar is very educational and one that I would highly recommend to anyone who is in the inspection business!

Many years ago, ASHI sued us. By the time Joe was done with them, ASHI paid us a fat check to get out. True story. Ask him about it.