Lead Based Paint inspections...

I have a Realtor requesting LBP inspections. I know Nachi has a course but I’m sure there’s more to earn proper approval to satisfy EPA or any other related Agencies… Anyone been thru this ?? Is it worth it ??

A lot of guys try to get by with cheap swab kits , like from ProLab.

To do LBP testing that is meaningful, my understanding is a LOT of samples need to be taken, and the proper testing I.A.W. Florida DEP is expensive and the training is extensive to be cert’d.

Thanks Pete, I would think if someone is going to do it, better learn it the right way, CYA for liability reasons as well.

What Pete said.
Also, 4 types of sampling need to be done. Air, Surface, Soil, and Water. I haven’t seen much of a call for it in my market due to the cost. You may want to get a base price from a certified company and offer that price to the client with a mark-up. They will likely not want the lead inspection after that.

Call Candi-----http://www.floridaleadtest.com/

I stay away from it too much insurance not enough call

Not according to EPA: http://www.nachi.org/lead-safety-rrp-course.htm InterNACHI’s is the course the EPA uses. However, the issue for most members is the 2 hands-on hours.

You would have to have a fair amount of LBP testing work lined up in Fort Pierce, FL to justify the $500 to $600 costs plus all of the time to get set up and ready.

Not much demand IMHO.

In ten yrs working in Vero Beach, FL I can count the number of requests on one foot.

The EPA requires a $300 course from a local provider. Then you pay the EPA $300 to be “certified”; Then pay them the $300 every 5 years to be re certified.
The course is an 8 hour course.

And this certification and testing is really only good for remodeling or painting work. Just about every legit remodeling and restoration contractor is already RRP certified and will do there own sampling. It may be of some service to pre-qualify a project before a home sale is finalized, but I doubt there is a market for it (they sell do-it-yourself kits at Home Depot). Full blown lead assessment and remediation is best left up to the pros that have the proper equipment and not just Q-tips that turn pink.