Lead paint testing?

Do you do it? Am I correct in thinking that you need to be EPA certified to sample for leadlead paint?

Frank you do need to be certified here in California to make any statements beyond the possibility that it may exist in paints prior to 1978. Take a sample and have the client send it to a lab such as EMSL and pay them directly for the results. It’s not worth the effort to get involved.

I just went through the licensing process, and believe it or not, you have to be licensed just to pull a sample and send it to the lab…it’s almost like they don’t want people to know. Same with Asbestos, have to be licensed to pick up a piece of broken 9x9 tile and drop it off at a lab.


Same here. So on those rare occasions when I have the need or get a request I just refer it out.

Frank …

Most states have licensing OR certification requirements for lead sampling.

In my area about once a year I get a letter OR email from the state bureau asking if we know anybody doing this without a license (realtor, inspector, appraiser, etc).

If so and we turn them in and the state can slam them, we get a tidy $$$$$

Licensing is required nationwide. Most states have their own licensing or accreditation so they can collect the fees. If a state does not, then you need the EPA accreditation.