Lead paint testing

Hi everyone
I have a client that wants paint tested for lead and was wondering about turn around times and methods used, as well as costs. (labs are shut down for the weekend)
Can anyone give me a clue? I am located in WI.
Thanks, Tom

$15 for a lead paint testing kit at a local paint store. Not sure if thats acceptable in your area or not.

You need to check with the state. Here in FL lead paint is governed under the EPA and you must be certified. A special gun is used and the inspection costs about $325.00. Anyone else doing them is breaking the law.

You should contact your state environmental office regarding their regulations for lead testing. I am certified in Maryland as a “Visual Lead Inspector”, the only state that has this designation. Allowed to perform dust wipe tests, the training course was 16 hours. The special gun refered to in the previous post is an XRF that costs about $14,000!!

Sub this out! Way too touchy and possible legal action. Those kits you see in hardware stores only test the outer layer of paint, the one you see. They do not penetrate the outer surface for paints below that.

How old is the house? This may be a clue to any lead paint in it.

Good luck.

More like Outsource it all together. Don’t let any money cross your hand or have any language in your contract pertaining to lead based paint inspections unless you are disclaiming you do not do them. You can still be liable if you sub out the work…not so much if you outsource it.