Lead pipe ground

The main water supply includes a lead pipe. Is this acceptable for grounding prepossess?

Did find answer on InspectAPedia.com

"Question: is a lead water line from the street a good electrical ground?

My main water line coming in from the street is lead. Can I ground the electrical panel to the lead pipe? I read that lead does not conduct electricity very well. Thanks. - Brad 6/2/12

Indeed it’s common to see the electrical panel bonded to a lead water main entering the building.
Watch out: Lead conducts electricity but corrosion and unreliable connections within the piping make it an unreliable main electrical ground.
Good procedure would be to connect a ground to the lead water main but ALSO to install two (current NEC) driven ground rods at the property. I would not install less than one additional grounding electrode (ground rod). For a reliable and compliant installation, use two."

I remember reading about the changes to solder for potable water use to eliminate the lead. I can’t imagine the lead leached with lead pipes.

Me to ahhhhh I can remember having to change all refrigerant drinking fountains copper lines that were soldered with lead soldering to a lead free solder what a pain. Wow I have never seen a lead domestic water distribution line. My report would be get rid of it and not worry about the electrical ground

Looks like there are jumpers around the joints.

I did not mean to imply the electrical ground did not have importance but my main concern would be lead in the drinking water.

To me lead is a good conductor of electricity why else would they use it on circuit boards. We use to have to solder the millavolt thermostat wires on a floor furnace in order to make a solid connection with lead

Many older homes in this city have lead supply pipes. Did lead test and showed above acceptable levels for lead. City is supposed ly treating the water to prevent lead from leaching in. HA! Jumper wires around meter but still clamped to lead pipe.

Still see lead here also from time to time. I always put in the report to change out. The city here is changing out the lead water service lines here on my road as we speak, glad mine was done before we moved in years ago.

Where would you find a grounding clamp that is listed for a lead connection?

So Robert are you saying that there is not an approved clamp? I searched for a while and could not find one so would it be right in calling this out (improper clamp) along with the lead pipe of course.

In general the clamp is listed for a particular type of pipe which means that it’s been tested. I’m not sure if a standard type pipe clamp typically used used on iron or copper pipe would be suitable for use on lead pipe.