Leaf Defier.

Leaf Defier.

I saw a similar (if not the same) product in Menards last week. As I walked by (didn’t stop to check it out) I thought “just another gimmick”. I don’t see how it could possibly control/capture anything more than a light rain, certainly not the heavy downpours we get in MN. I will take a closer look the next time I am there.

I never understood these companies. They talk about providing discounts but they actually think that we will take time to find out what the discounts are, if they don’t disclose them upfront. We do not want to be distributors but we could provide a flyer to our customers that gives them a discount.

I have seen one of those in action. May not be the same brand, but the same principle.

The mesh was so tight that it became plugged by small debris and even the gravel off the shingles.

I’m not sure I like them.

Exactly who decides this is an INACHI Superior Product???

And what tests are used to verify said Superiority of other products??

Team of high paid dudes in white coats.
Any more questions like that, and they will be holding one up for you.
It is a cool style ,with buckles in the back.:cool:

If there jacket putting on abilities are any where near the same as their Testing abilities, my guess is I have nothing the worry about. :wink:

Is not some what like the Gutter stuff that was on here a while ago?

Hey Brian, not to worry, it’s CMI certified.:stuck_out_tongue:

My exact thoughts…http://www.gutterstuff.com/

I agree with Jae’s comment. These mesh systems do clog with the smaller particles coming off the roof.

I have sold Gutter Helmet, Gutter Grate, Gutter Cap, Leaf Proof, The Sponge (leaf Defier), and a few others this product is by far the biggest pile of _ of all of them. Gutter Protection has to do two things keep all the debris out and all the water in. This product clogs fast because everything sticks to it can you say hello gutter garden, and when this happens the water runs over the gutter right next to the foundation. Very surprised InterNachi supports this subpar product at all. Just my opinion.

After a while you get kinda used to it… :frowning:

We did a www.nachi.tv shoot with them. Yes, leaves can stick to it where some of the water would run over the gutter, but that creates a condition that is way easier to remedy (clean) than the gutter filling up entirely with leaves and clogging the downspouts. Think of it as a downspout filter and a maintenance minimizer (not eliminator). The episode will be released in May. Excellent product that inspectors can recommend to their clients.

Recommending products to my clients is not part of any SOP that I follow




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Exactly who decides this is an INACHI Superior Product???


I’ve seen $$$$$ buy a lot of political favour!

I’ve seen $$$$$ buy a lot of marking favour!!


I have experienced much worse issues than what you are representing here. During hard rains, the water flows over these instead of into them, and expansive soils have cracked walls. Long story short, the owners removed this product and the issue was resolved. This seems to be a product with major liability, and i’d hope our association overall isn’t recommending it. JMHO


ALL gutter guard products fail under various conditions bar none… we explain that to our customers; when they ask which one to use we show them a simple clip on screen for which we can install them for about $100.00 (material, labor, whole house).

Anyone who pays more than a couple hundred dollars to put a gutter guard system in place has fallen for a lie.