Inspection Depot

Anyone ever heard of or done any work for these guys? I just got a call saying they had an inspection for me, and found me on NACHI website. It all sounded very vague. They want to pay me $75 for a wind mit. I usually get more, but they said they should be able to give me a few a month. Just seemed weird that they called and wanted this done, and didn’t even really ask any questions about me or my business.

They are like DMI and such you would just be another tool to them. Quality control and any interest in you and you company is highly unlikely.

They just want you to fill out the damn form and sign your name on the line so they can get their money.

Hi Travis,

They have been around for sometime. I don’t think you have much to lose if you do a few inspections for them. People have had positive and negative experiences with them.

Hope that helps.

Inspection Depot has been around for years. They were one of the first WCE’s and had a huge contract with Citizens. Most people who post here are jealous of them because they were smart enough to go out capture the business. They do have a quality control system in place which can make things difficult for those that do not want to follow ther rules. But all in all they are a solid company.

Now let the Inspection Depot bashing begin. :mrgreen:

After attending the South Florida Association of Home Inspectors meeting last night, my reasons for avoiding wind mitigations have been reaffirmed. Manny Gonzalez gave a really good presentation on wind mitigations. I can’t believe that some people do these for $75 (and sometimes $65). They are very detailed and require a fair amount of research (when done correctly). In addition, the potential liability can far out weigh the benefit of the small fee. I sub my wind mitigations out and will continue to do so. In fact, if any of you guys from South Florida would like some of the work, let me know.

Cool guys, thanks for the comments. Not really sure, they were supposed to send some paperwork and stuff to me, I was waiting on that, haven’t gotten it. Just sounded really vague and who knows when I’ll get paid if I do, and then to be 1099 at the end of the year. Just not sure about it.


What I was saying was they were not likely to ask for a sample from him before the first job.


Did they? Or did they just care you were legally allowed to do them.


Did you feel something I said was not accurate or that I was jealous of either companies mentioned? I was around in the beginning and also was offered gigs similar from those who wanted to be sole providers. Just not for me. Not mutually beneficially enough for me and employees at that time.

Mike, that comment was not directed at you. But, if that’s what you want to think, oh well.

Yeah Mike, I’m not really sure what they want. They were supposed to send me an email with some paperwork. She didn’t say anything about samples though. I’ll let you guys know what happens.

I got a guy south of me doing them for $50. No lie, lost a couple of agents cause of it. Pisses me off.

How do you make a living :shock:

Post the email addy of your dealer, that is really some good s hit you’re smokin’ :lol:

You would find that ID owes some inspectors some serious money.

I don’t know how they are on their retail stuff, but on the Citizens contract, they were brutal. I’d stay away.

Everyone figured they’d make it up on volume. :smiley:

Just wondering. So i’m Good.

Thanks for the replies. I have decided to not do it.

Probably better off brother :slight_smile: