Leaky 1 st floor bedroom, house was flipped, yes buyers had home inspection

A couple of videos? No. A couples of threads with endless rantings of someone uneducated.

Soil was addressed. I asked a question. As well grading for your region.

I will be frank, [manderson7]. Another member was removed for multiple threads. Your post deal with a limitation. Below grade conditions.

You want to me helpful?
1: Be succinct.
2: Shorten your threads to 1 video and stop the ranting.
3: Explain what lot surface features and visual conditions can attribute suspect conditions for below grade features. Negative lot slope is one. Soil erosion, especially near the foundation, another.
That may have a more posative outcome I suspect.

Over the years Mark has explained the items in your “list” in his ‘uneducated’ video’s. It appears your small mind was to busy thinking of your next defensive statement rather than absorb the information.


I didn’t know he was a dummy.
Your ignorance has reached a new level of stupidity.
You will NEVER know.

RIGHT&WRONG Neil deGrasse Tyson ( neiltyson) Twitter

One person has a decades long career in building construction and is also a respected member of Internachi including serving on the award committee and a U.S member of the year. Great job Marcel!. The other wonders the board, searching for Mark Anderson post’s in the hope’s slandering Marks business, which can be proven to have never been charged for violating Michigan’s building codes or taking advantage of his customers and is highly regarded by his peers in his home state. In addition, this “other” person has several negitive Canadian Google reviews, whom he claims are made by non clients. Funny their are so many complaints, yet this “person” has no idea who they are. Perhaps this “person” sucks at home inspections and running a business. This “other” person has never been member of the year or served on any committee of Internachi, Not hard to see who is who around here.

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Thanks Mike for the kind words.
We all know who we are dealing with here, so I take his negative comments with a grain of salt.
He more or less describing himself with his own words anyways.
I still fail to understand how he was able to achieve his CMI designation when you look at some of his reviews on line and idiotic responses that he comes up with the majority of the time he comes on line.

No need to thank me Marcel, you earned every kind word expressed!! much respect. 100% on everything else you said about the “other” person.

Mark is who Mark is. Take the gold nuggets and leave the crustiness behind, Robert…if you can.

He shares a wealth of knowledge here.

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Thanks, Larry.
Keep well in these unpresented times.

Young-one, r u serious man? duh cheese fell off your cracker head a looooong time ago.

WHY can’t YOU sincerely comment on the videos posted of interior basement system scammers???

Why can’t YOU watch the short videos, SEE the LIES and deceit and comment on THAT? Moron!

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thank you other Gentzzz 4 the kind words, duh boy from up north has a problem or 2 or…